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Is This BS?

I was reading an article.

“Periodization Research and an Example Application” by John Grahm: “…devised 4 features of training which provoke supercompensation… production of adequate muscle tension is central to all muscle training, 1 single maximal strength effort per day is sufficient to maintain progress, maximum training effect does not require prolonging muscle tension to the point of fatigue and the maximum training effects are derived by msucle tension of no less than 40-50% 1rm”.

That was a summary of principles by a guy named Hettinger that wrote some stuff in the sixties.

The 1 single maximal strength effort per day caught my attention.

I picked up Easy Strength today out of the blue and came across Pavel talking about Hettinger. Pavel even brought up two of principles, but left out “1 single maximal strength effort per day is enough to continue progress”. My guess on the reason it was left out is that in the following section McKean talks about daily training at limit strength for a masters lifter to be dangerous due to injury.

I think it sounds like another way to explain the bulgarian methodologies. I agree with it, but also feel their are more optimal ways of doing things.

John Broz does something similar, where he works up to a heavy single daily in the back squat, he has his minimum he has to do daily, and if he feels good goes above it, but he always goes up to the weight… 405ish I believe.