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Is This Body Cut, Bulky, or Lean Bulky?

If you can tell me what is that body in the photo?


High maintenance. Chuck Taylor’s ftw…plus I rarely like to show off my feet, I’m a former athlete, when I was in 20s I always wore stilettos and not open toe. Now that I’m an old fart and only IF we go out, I’ll wear “hawt heels”.

That one standing in front of the Rorschach blots looks like a lady-boy.


You’ve been asking these kinds of questions for almost 6 months. What are you doing to actually get there and how much progress have you made?


4 months Not 6 months. If you answer me i Will stop! Thank you!

I was literally the first person who replied to your first thread, 4 and a half months ago (excuse the time lapse. These nonsense threads make my brain tired). In that thread, I gave you very straight-forward advice about what to eat and how to train.

I also replied to your second thread, and I replied to your third thread. By that point, I was done. But every single question you’ve asked in every one of your threads has been answered by members.


Trying to hold this forum hostage in this manner is like trying to wrangle an angry mess of squirrels.

Good luck.


Related note, I’d love to go all Bob Ross on some squirrels.

I had a buddy in high school who semi-befriended one and was able to hand-feed it. Definite bucket list item.


I had a pair of grey squirrels I kind of rescued when they were babies. I felt bad that we cut down their tree, so I took them home and bottle fed/raised them. They lived in the trees by my old house for years after I let them go. The male would hang out with me in the mornings for my coffee and chow on hazel nuts from my neighbor.

They’re pretty easy to domesticate/be friendly with.


No one will give you the answer you want because those terms mean something different for everyone. Those pictures you posted are of very fit women, that’s it. No term can really describe them as much more of anything else.


I would like to look more like Gabby Reece.
Please advise.

I already have a handsome, blond husband, but if he could look more like Laird Hamilton, that would also be SWEET.


My ex looked like the spitting image of Kurt Warner but was a douche! (NFL reference)

The bodies are athletic bodies . I dont understand this weirdness

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I think we established that Britney Spears is the TN gold standard for arms.
If you’re a woman and your arms are bigger than Britney’s then that’s GROSS.
If you’re a man, and your arms are smaller than Britney’s then you need to BULK.


Just a couple of thoughts for the OP.

You won’t find a consensus about what is attractive. That’s a good thing. Even among men who lift weights, they aren’t always more attracted to really athletic or lean women.

Some of the pictures you’ve put up are of women who are pumped and under tension. That, and different lighting and poses will make the same person look VERY different.

Case in point.
Jamie Eason Double Bi. Flexing.

Same woman not pumped and not flexing, and in different lighting.

And if you think "She’s TOO BIG in the Double Bi pic… What she looks like in her normal life, maybe dressed up for date night, or running errands in jeans.



why hasn’t the OP been banned? the other threads weren’t so bad, but this one is bizarre, and feels trollish.


Maybe, @flipcollar, but I’m having a little fun thinking about it.

If I had to guess? I have a feeling she’s getting mixed messages about how to train from other people. “Oh, no! That will make you look like a guy.” I had people say, “But you’re not trying to get bulky, right?”

And we have people like Tracy Anderson telling women not to lift anything heavy so they don’t get bulky.

Or maybe confusion about accidentally waking up and being irreversibly more muscular than you intended. I think this is fairly common among women. Honestly.

Just another example about lighting and posing.

Christmas Abbott. Same girl. Different conditions. It’s pretty hard to find pictures of her NOT looking very muscular.

Flexed Double Bi.


Not flexed. Beach picture.

In motion, and under tension. Clean.

She’s about 5’3" and between 115-125 pounds, so… Around town or in her normal life, she doens’t look very big at all.




Where did this nonsense even start from?

My wife had the same fears. Now 8 weeks into her 531 bodyweight assistance template she is still not bulky. But she definitely looks more “toned” and has been dropping pounds. I lift 4x the amount she does and I don’t even look bulky lol. People can tell I lift, but no one would believe I could squat 405 lol.

Mannn when I thought I was doing well, looks like I need to bulk haha!!

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Well, depending on her genetics and hormones, and insulin response… How hard someone works and eats toward that goal? Sure. A woman could get more muscle than she wants, but it wouldn’t be an accident and it wouldn’t happen overnight. Haha. Most of us won’t accidentally wake up looking like world class athletes.

I was thinking of Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treaner. They trained together, and yet they look nothing alike. If I do everything they do… I won’t look like EITHER of them. This is true of the OP and the pictures of all the athletic women as well, so it’s a bit of a pointless exercise.



She’s adorable.

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Maria Sharapova has gotten all the love over the past ten years and Ana Kornikova used to get all the attention but Ana Ivanovic is the most drop-dead gorgeous tennis player ever

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