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Is This Blasting and Cruising?


weeks 1-10 test e, 750mg/wk
weeks 1-5 d-bol, 40mg/day
weeks 1-12, hcg, 250ius e3d
weeks 1-12, aromasin, 10mg eod
weeks 13-16, nolva, 40/40/20/20
weeks 17-24, test e, 200mg/wk

repeat cycle


Yeah, except your nuts will still shrink during the cruise part since you will be shutdown, and you will have no long-term control of your E2 unless you get blood tested and you are not on an AI during the cruise. Standard dose for test for TRT is 100 mg/wk. Any more will surely produce excess E2.

Why the Nolva if you are going to cruise? PCT to get things working just to shut them down again? Please rethink this.

And please do not start new threads on the same topic.


I understand that standard TRT doses are around 100mg per week, but based on what I've seen, cruise doses seem to be double that. Yeah, I will probably use aromasin during the cruise period. Why would my nuts shrink during the cruise period if I use HCG?


You did not indicate that. And the Nolva/PCT is totally unwarranted if you are going to cruise. Personally, I think with this plan your hormones will be all over the place, and you will never be able to settle on a good dose of AI to keep your E2 within optimum range. I would suggest waiting for your last cycle to settle down, getting the appropriate blood work done to see if TRT is even warranted, and if so staying on a reasonable TRT regimen (not 200 mg/week) until you can get your total T in the high-normal range and your E2 at around 22 pg/ml. At that point you will know what dose of test and AI should be used as a baseline. Then blast away if you like, and after the cycle just go back to your baseline dosages. Without doing this, you will be shooting in the dark, and can look forward to many years of frustration while you feel like shit by having your estrogen out of whack.

Remember, you are talking about a lifetime regimen. Just my $0.02.