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Is This Bench Video Real?


is this real?


It just seemed to ez bro, I dont believe it, no shot.


Its a thing they have at the "Arnold event" apparently many people do it, this is the only tool to post it online to try and make it seem like he is thor. "Thanks for all the support and positive comments on my video. I'm gonna take the advice of my fans and compete in the world's strongest man next year. I contacted them and they said I would get a "special invitation". The guy who runs it hinted that I might be a little too strong and it would be unfair to the other competitors. So I just won't lift any weights for the next year to level the playing field. Thanks again. " Is in the info for hte video. Ofcourse it's fake.


Dave Tate's record 1rm is 610 lbs... and this guy is not even close to Tate...
i just dont get it, it looks so real


geez I guess I should of read the info


Haha, don't think so buddy.

The youtube comments are priceless though...


Aluminum Plates


fake. this has been posted before


this is the same booth at the arnold classics with a much less believable performance. i think if more people saw this one they wouldnt be so amazed.


For future reference, if you have to ask the answer is no.


really? you have to ask?


no its legit, that guy has by far the highest raw bench of all time


That's real bro, my bro said he saw his bro doin it at the gym once.


man it's real! this guy is a monster he's 6'9 in real life for real he's been called by guniess world records several times. supposidely the NFL paid him 10 million right off the bat to play for them and host a special 225 bench press at the combine..the man did like 145 reps with 225 at the combine.
I heard though he wouldnt do too well at the WSM competition cause he only squats 315 or so.

Rumours have it though Dana White is gonna try to get him signed to the UFC cause his bench is so massive, he's gonna knock everybody out cause his bench is so big! Just wait..you'll see!!!


People are gullible.


Yes, this is me in the video. I do this twice a day. Usually I get only twenty reps in my morning routine, and in the evening I'll go all out with 23-25. You have to be extremely tough to follow this deceivingly simple routine, but it made me otherwordly strong.


Hes only doing partial reps - doesn't count.

Anyone could do this with those mini reps!


Ok, teenbodybuilder ... listen up I'm only going to say this once ... do you really think that ANYONE who benches 585lbs for 23 reps would really be able to just rest it the way he did, not have is face flush as SHIT, and not huffing for air? Come on man. Unless his name was Burce Fucking Banner and he just saw a porn with his sister, 2 midgets, a donkey and Lexington Steele, this isn't any more real than Dirk Diggler's dick.


Who's Burce Banner?


The Hulk.