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Is this an Ok Setup for the Pulse Feast CT?


Wake up-8 AM
Pulse Mag-10 at 8:30 AM
Pulse Mag 10 3:00PM
Workout at 5PM(1 scoop Plazma)-doing quick high frequency workouts 4x a wk. 1 scoop keeps me strong.
Eat from around 7-10 or 11
I’ve been trying to do steak, bison, eggs, ground beef or sometimes chicken w/ salad first.
Then I’ll have rice,potatoes, or sweet potatoes half hour later to an hour later.
Days off training I’ll do only carbs from green veggies.

Doing anything I shouldn’t be or anything I should add in??



  1. It’s fine. The only modification is that I’d include rice/sweet potatoes in he first “meal” of the feast. And reduce carbs in later “meals”.

  2. Please don’t bump your posts I personally find that disrespectful and normally don’t answer people who bump up their question

  1. Ok thank you sir

  2. I apologize, not trying to be disrespectful.