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Is This an OK Cycle?


I have taken cycle of hdrol before when it was legal and I loved it, getting a cycle together now and would like some feed back. I am not trying to go overboard and trying to keep things low.
Wk 1-5 GP mathan 50
Wk 1-8 proviron 25 mg/day
Wk 1-8 liv 52 2x/day
Wk 1-12 test E 350 mg/wk
Wk 1-12 400 iu hcg or wk 1-14 350iu/wk
Wk1-12 arimidex .25 or .5 every other day or as needed
Wk 1-4
Clomid 50mg 1tab daily
Nolva 40/20/10/10

Any help is appreciated and I am 35 150lbs 5’7, I consider myself a hard gainer can’t gain a lb to save life workout 5 times week diet is good and I eat so much it’s hard to keep up with all the food. Did experience teste shrinkage during halodrol cycle but no gyno. Total noob to cycles and wasn’t aware of PCT, that was over 5 years ago but still can’t gain weight naturally. Just very vascular and cut up.


Is this cycle useless or should I expect some considerable gains? Thought about taking out proviron and raising test e to 400/wk, like I said I don’t want to go overboard. Should I use hcg throughout cycle or start it during PCT. Didn’t use PCT during the halodrol cycle and experienced some major teste shrinkage and troubles with erections, no gyno but I don’t want it to start this time. I’m definitely a noob to cycles but I consider myself a very hard gainer, can’t gain a lb no matter what I do. Workout 5 times a week with a good diet but need some help.


No takers? Any info would help.


all my replies so far tonight have been really sarcastic and assholey so in the interest of gaining back some good karma I’ll actually try and help.

My advice is not to use steroids. The fact that you can’t gain muscle without them means you will gain very little when you use them, and then lose it all when you stop taking them.

There are people who for some reason claim that you lose all your gains when you stop using steroids. This is not the case, however think of it like this: If you were to build 10lbs of muscle on a steroid cycle, you need to then be eating enough calories to sustain that muscle. If you can’t eat enough to gain weight at the best of times, you sure as shit aren’t going to be able to choke down enough food to keep the extra muscle (and it’s unlikely you’ll build all that much in the first place if you’re not eating enough).

So hold off on the steroids until you are in the habit of consistently eating enough to gain weight. Once you’ve mastered that, feel free to do some roidin