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Is This an ED Issue?

I am now 6 weeks into my TRT protocol. I started at 200mg 1cc weekly but recently broke that into .5cc every 3.5d. I also am taking .25mg HCG on those days as well as .5cc (100mg) Nandrolone for my joints.

I have no issues getting an erection and maintaining it however after after the deed is done and she wants round 2 I struggle beyond belief to go again. I’ve never had that issue before starting TRT.

Any thoughts on what I can do to help with this outside of maybe taking 1/4 of a Cialis or something?

Nandrolone raises prolactin. Prolactin is hugely important in determining the length of your refractory period. Small changes can have small effects to the numbers but the downstream effects can be larger. If your goal is go more than once in a short period then you’re looking at the porn star stack of meds, one of which is not free of consequences.

Try P5P. You can get it on Amazon. It helps lower prolactin. You may not even need it, frankly, and at such a small dose it’s hard to believe that the nandrolone is causing a problem, but what you’re describing lines up with just that.

I’ll look at P5P. When you mention one of which is not free of consequences what are you referring to? Can I just straight up drop the Nandrolone? I’ve only taken it for two weeks at this point. I was quite embarrassed yesterday evening.

He’s probably talking about Cabergoline

Yes. That’s what I would do

Indeed, caber is to what I was referring. And yeah, dropping the nandrolone seems like the right choice. Assuming it’s nand d don’t expect to notice any changes for a few weeks.

It is Nand D, even after only running it for two weeks you’d expect it to take a few weeks to go back to normal? It’s a shame I can get an errection no problem and keep it, just can’t go multiple rounds. Hate to kick this Nand, my joints feel great.

What time frame are you talking about for your rounds? I am not sure if it is normal to be ready in minutes? Maybe I am off base? How many women can even handle multiple rounds unless round one was short duration (perhaps that is the case?)?

I don’t know 5-10 minutes? I’m usually good for 10 minutes or so. Then maybe 5-10 minutes later another short bout. However the third round even after 15 minutes of foreplay doesn’t seem to come anymore!

The horror. I’ve literally never been able to go again in less than several hours… these days it’s more like a day if not more… so, it could be much worse :slight_smile:


That’s what I am thinking. IMO, multiple rounds isn’t the norm. Maybe I am off base?

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I don’t think too many could be doing three rounds in a row with 5-10 minute breaks. If you get to the point in which you can’t do any rounds, then it is certainly a problem. I would say you are where most guys are (outside of teenagers).

Once i blow it, i’m done for most of the day.

I can, if i try realllly hard, do it again. But most likely i’m done.


That’s a long ester and it takes some time to clear. It’s why nand d is generally a stupid idea, but it’s the only ester cleared for prescription use, so it’s what we’ve got.

you can try viagra or cialis to decrease time in between where you can go again.


also, instead of trying after 10 minutes, try after 30 minutes.

or, if she is used to climaxing after the 2nd or 3rd time, you may have to have her climax during round 1, she then may not want round 2.

I am 33

Learn to love going down on her. And learn to do it right.

That I do.

I’d get off whatever caused you that shit if it were me. Only got a few good years of short refractory left before age takes it LOL.