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Is This an Adequate Breakfast?


Hey, long time reader/lifter, first time poster.

Note: I'm trying to cut bodyfat and training cardio 2x and resistance 4x a week.

Anyways my daily breakfast is 1/2 cup rolled oats, two scoops of ON protein in water and 3 fish oil tabs.

Is this an addequate breakfast?

This is the only time i eat any ceral, pasta or rice type foods in my day as i have a low tolerance for carbs.

Also 2 mornings a week i'm doing fasted cardio. On these morning i have my shake 15 minutes prior to workout, then walk 3km's in 30 minutes and have my oats/fish oil afterwards.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I agree with AlteredState. Your "fasted" cardio is not fasted. You need to give us stats, tell us a bit more about your training volume, and explain what your diet is like overall so we can see how breakfast fits in.

As it stands though it looks ok, maybe a bit on the light side, to me.


I'd throw in some whole food sources for protien with your oats, just my opinion.


I'll just go ahead and say oats + protein powder is NOT an adequate breakfast regardless of your current goals.


It depends on what your other meals are. My breakfast is usually not very good, it's early and I have a hell of a time doing anything right after I wake up. I usually have a banana with Metabolic Drive complete and water, or bran flakes cereal, or activia yogurt. Eating a huge breakfast doesn't do well for me - it makes me not hungry for the rest of the day. But my other meals are more in line so I get away with it.



I often have oats, Metabolic Drive, and fruit and it's worked great for me over the past year.

Sure, sometimes I'll have a bit more or change it up for variety, but I don't see anything wrong with the combination.


Add an apple.


Ok im 185cm tall, 83kg and around 14-16% BF

Im trying to cut atm, training is

deadlifts 5x5
squats 5x5

bench 3x6
Military 3*6
pullups 3xmax (around 16)
dips 3xmax (around 22)
Rows 3*6
Curls 3*8

This is along with a game of football sunday's and 2 HIIT sessions a week.

So yeha im trying to get down to around 10% bf

Diet is as follow's

cottage cheese
steak or chicken and salad
steak, chicken or fish with salad or veggies etc.

Also 6 fishoil tabs
2 scoop shake of ON after workouts.

This all ends up being around 2000-2500cal's max.

I figure for optimal fat loss i should be just under 2000cals?


Oh and as far as the 'fasted cardio' go's, im following what i read in hte roundtable discussion, trying to get in while glycogen is depleted. They advised to consume some BCAA's etc.

Only been doing it for about 2 weeks, twice a week. Not sure if it's working or not.


I wouldn't say "wrong" -- but I would take this opportunity to point out the difference between 'adequate' and 'optimal' in this case. Like Burbanky mentioned, I'm always for whole foods and whole protein sources over powders every single time. Seems esp important when we're talking about breakfast.

Don't get me wrong, I start every day with whey powder mixed in with 12oz of milk. But that's just to tide me over until I can get to eating my proper breakfast.