Is this an Acceptable Morning Routine?

Hi everyone, my first post, dont grill me tooo hard please.

I do other exercises at night like weightlifting, boxing drills, etc but my question revolves around my daily morning workout

In each morning I do the deck of cards exercise (explained below) and then so medium speed swimming for about 30 mins. Spend a few mins in the steam room or sauna and get my day started.

My question is, am I doing something counter-productive by working out like this each morning? So far this marks the end of my first week doing it and I feel a little better but also worn out. Im worried that I might be over training, or losing gains on my night workouts.

Please advise, I am a 24 year old 6’0 185 lb guy, who eats quite a lot buy has always been skinny. I am around 12% BF last time measured.


Hey mgmguy,

Welcome to the forums! I promise to be gentle :wink:

I think you forgot the description of the “deck of cards” exercise?

It’s kind of hard to say without further information…

When you say that you’ve been doing it for a week, do you mean working out in general or adding in morning exercise?

What are your main goals? Adding weight? Gaining strength? Becomming a world-class swimmer? A boxing champion?

Where are your main lifts at? (dl/squat/bench)

Have you been progressing with your lifts?

Chances are that with enough time inbetween these morning sessions and the weight sessions at night, it shouldn’t be counter-productive, especially if “medium speed” swimming means “medium effort”. I think most people however would suggest doing this on your days off from weight training.

If it’s just been the first week of adding this morning session in, give it a few more weeks and re-assess how you feel. If weights sessions are getting harder, you’re stalling, losing weight or feel constantly tired, then maybe it’s not such a good idea. Look at your diet and recovery/sleep closely too.

As far as the “over training or losin gains” question, only you can really answer that. If you’re still adding weight to the bar, then no, you aren’t affecting your gains. If you aren’t, then yes- you are, or your diet/sleep or program sucks.

Hope this helps, post the extra info and we might be able to help you out!

If the ‘deck of cards’ exercise is basically just doing whatever number of pushups, and bodyweight squats, etc, then I’d probably drop it. Depends on your goals, but assuming you want to progress with your weightlifting. you’ve already got the lifting at night, plus plenty of cardio with the boxing drills. But, yeah, depends on what you’re trying to accomplish here.