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Is This a Typical Result of Test Gel?


I have some severe health problems that have required me to be on narcotics since I was a kid. I was having tenderness in the breast my whole life, and finally at the age of 26 a doctor clued in an tested me for low testosterone.

I came back with a level of 143 and I was put on three 5 gram packets of Androgel 1% daily.

I went back in to see the doctor months later and the same level that had been 143 was now over 2600!!! And my bioavailable amount (whatever that means was 66 and the highest bracket of normal on the doctors computer was 15) So I was about 5 times the level of high normal.

Is that normal? I honestly don't feel all that much different except my mood is slightly uplifted, and I'm EXTREMELY horny, something I had not felt in 10+ years. I also have better endurance. I had sex successfully for the first time in like 3-4 years, I'm still having erection issues though, not sure why. I guess it's my painkillers and anxiety meds.

My doctors blamed the low T on narcotics used for pain relief (dilaudid, methadone, ativan/klonopin)

But I was diagnosed with a spermatecele (some sort of testicular cyst on the left side which is almost as big as my left testicle) I'm thinking that has more to do with it.

Anyways, he's changed me to Androderm 23.4 mg x 2 daily it's some sort of patch.

Would it of been harmful to function at the high levels I mentioned for a long period of time because I was on that stuff for months and didn't even realize anything was going on. I don't know anything about Testosterone, I'm sure someone on here is going to tell me the level wasn't even that high or something. I'm probably worrying about nothing.

Thanks for your help.

Maybe someone can explain some things I should really know about that the doctor wouldn't bother to tell me. One thing I am worried about is growing boobs, but I know a doctor is not going to prescribe me an aromatase inhibitor. Is there any type of natural thing I can take to get rid of that boob growing effect testosterone can have, and what do you do when you notice something happening? Do you try to educate your doctor (almost impossible due to their egos) or find some other way to get something for it.

I hope to continue posting here, but with less long winded posts.

Thank You!



It is very uncommon to attain T levels that high on gels. I have not seen a single time. Did you apply it before you had your blood drawn the day of?

Why do you not think "a" doctor will prescribe an AI? YOUR doctor might not but MANY do.


My doctor doesn't even check my Estradiol levels. He only checks the Total Testosterone thing off on the blood test which gives SHBG, FREE TEST, BIOAVAILABLE and not much else.

I had applied the 3 packages of the 5gram Androgel at approximately 4pm and then on the day of the test I applied the 3 packages in the morning , approximately 4 hours before the test.

The way I apply the gel, is I put it all over my upper arms, shoulders, neck muscles, collabone and my upper arm muscles, as well as my torso, below my breast area, all the way down to my lower abs.

Why would the levels have gone so high? My endocrinologist had thought I was going to very difficult to get my levels up because of the narcotics I use for pain relief, but it went up so high it was unbelievable.

My doctor actually said "your levels are very high WOAH" and I said how high? and he said "pretty high".

He said that he would expect those levels if he had given me a pretty decent injection of testosterone cyp.

I'm new to all of this steroid stuff, but I know that I have LOW T which is easily remedied by transdermal gel.

What do you think would be the best way to get an aromatase inhibitor from one of my doctors? I'm seeing my family doctor on the 3rd of February and I would like to confront her and ask her If she would help me with this. What do I ask for? What is the best one. I really do not want to grow breasts.

How can I make a good argument for a doctor to prescribe something to stop me from growing boobs and to get rid of the estrogen in my body so it can use the testosterone.


Its highly unlikely the gels made your T that high. My guess is that you still had the gel on your skin, on the area your blood was drawn from, and this contaminated the sample. Get it retested, showering beforehand and apply your gel after.

Best way to get an AI? Be an adult and have a conversation with your doctor about your concerns (learn them). Be smart enough to have a two way conversation and learn to realize if you are being bullshitted. Do this until you find a doctor clued in. The first step is to CONFIRM IF YOU NEED ONE. Get your E2 tested.


Thank you very much. You're probably right because I do put the gel on the area that the nurse took my blood from.

I actually thought about that but didn't say anything to the doctor. He's the type who gets put off and kind of insulted if you ask him about things. I'm going to bring my wife to the next appointment, she is usually good at talking to male doctors and helping me explain what I need or desire, without a male doctor being put off. I do fine with female doctors, they always are kind and on the up and up with me. I'm sure if I bring my wife he'll be more attentive. :wink:

Thanks for your help I appreciate it!