Is This a Tight 'Posterior Capsule?'

I am not sure what tissues constitute the "posterior capsule?

My guess is this is tight internal rotators (Lat and Pec).

Being in this position doesn’t necessarily put stretch on the post capsule, though you are lacking some abduction on the left. Need more info besides one position to make a determination on your key involvement, but it could be any of the above plus decreased t/s mobility, subscap, infra or teres

just fyi

the posterior part of the capsule around the glenohumeral joint is usually what’s being referenced, to the best of my knowledge, and as said in the post above, without more information, hard to help.

that being said, most of the issues that get down to this level of detail can often benefit from pulling UP to a higher level of movement - what’s going on in a person’s whole movement, such that ROM seems to be a bit out of whack.

by working with whole movement rather than isolation of a particular suspected thing (esp. in the absence of an injury, and even then…) we can make great progress.

In the image above, maybe it’s muscular in that there’s some movement restriction in the spine right now; or maybe this person’s body is freaking out in this position and is tensing up on one side because of a vision issue or a scar somewhere. seriously, the nervous system is very particular. which is another great reason to look at gross movements rather than ROM in isolation.

dr mc schraefel