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Is This a Symptom of Overtraining?

Alright, so the situation is like this; I started working out about a year ago, without any idea whatsoever of what I was doing, so I just went with the more is better principle. Well most of you might already be able to guess what happened next, I got really tired, started to ache and so it went for some time. I thought I had just gotten myself a stubborn flu or something.

I took a break after that, the aching and the tiredness stopped, and after a few weeks I figured I was well enough to start again, and that was when it got weird. I started getting these red spots, at first a few small spots appeared but as I continued bigger, itchy spots started appearing. A bit after that, I made the link and stopped training for a long time and the spots gradually disappeared.

Since then, I have been training a bit on and off to keep my shape, but nothing serious. Well until now.

About a month ago, I started again, a bit more serious but nothing too hard, I had pretty much learned lesson, but now, the spots have started to reappear and I have no idea why. I do not feel tired, in fact I feel a lot better than I have for a long time, so I am really puzzled as why this has is happening again.

I figured this is the place to ask, has anyone in here experienced anything like this before? It is really starting to get on my nerves, so any advice at all would be more than welcome.

You sure it isn’t from sweat or your clothes chafing your skin?

Absolutely, they are appearing places where I am not wearing anything, eg. my forearms.

Sweat? Dirt/oil from plates? I get em too… they are from certain legal drugs i use.

Are you on AAS?

I bet its sweat myself!

Err, I know nothing about metal allergies and such, but maybe?

Apologies if what I just said what really stupid.

I wasnt thinking metal allergies - !

But IME when i am using certain plates/DB’s i get covered in oil! Maybe i just go to crappy gyms :wink: lol

Don’t think it’s any of the above, I’m not really in contact with any metals other than a bit of iron, but the dumbbells have rubber handles and the rash is not localized to places that have come into contact with iron. It can’t be something contagious either, as I own all of the barbell/dumbbells myself and have never been anywhere near a gym.

And it can’t be supplements, I’m only on about 30 grams of protein powder a day, which I have been on for ages, otherwise a normal diet.

As i said, nothing serious.

maybe go to the doctor/dermatology dept.?

Have you ruled out reactions to supplements, protein powders, and foods that you eat in large quantities when you train?

Also, do you have a lot of stress in your life–school, work, etc.–that is combining with exercise to tip your immune system into a weakened state?

Brook, already visited a doctor, he had no idea what it was, guess a dermatologist is the next step, but I wanted to see if anyone else in here had any experience with this, first.

Supabeast, I figured myself it could be some reaction to protein powder, but I’ve been taking the protein for quite some time while i wasn’t working out, no spots or weird bemishes at all.

No stress either, finished this semester at college quite a while ago, and haven’t really done anything else besides working out for the last month or so.

Then there is only one thing it can be…


sorry, but you dont have long.

OR its nothing and you shouldnt worry about it.

Ring worm possibly?

Brook, it’s not pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, my lungs are fine :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, it’s probably not some horrible deadly disease, it’s merely a question of vanity, if I don’t take an immediate break after an “outbreak” i’ll soon look like I’m terminally ill with big red spots covering my arms and legs.

Sentoguy, definately not ringworm, my sister had that quite a few years ago and it looks nothing like it. Ringworms are round marks with a scaly centre, these a solid red with no scales whatsoever.