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Is This a Strength or Size Program?



I found this program and I'm not sure whether it counts as a strength or size building program. It basically involves doing one exercise a day for varying set-rep schemes.

Week one is 7-5
Week two is 6-3
Week three is 5-3-2

Anyway I'm used to seeing bodybuilding programs that work with high reps and strength programs work with low reps and I wasn't sure what this counted as.

The program sounds pretty crazy and I thought I might use it one day, but I'd like to know more about what I'm getting myself into.


This my friend is an awesome program.

Its is mainly a strengh building program for those who got "stuff to do" and only have 30mins to train. HOWEVER, you will build muscle too. (lifting heavy builds muscle too u know, just make sure u get enough food)

Be careful though.... its not as easy at it looks....


Depends on food intake and how hard you work. You can't help but build strength on it, I guarantee!

There are plenty of threads on it, and one in particular is full of great info on it.

Some varying suggestions to try if you're inclined:

Repeat it for more than one cycle, probably more like 3-4

Use different exercises each week if you want...have a bench day, squat day, DL day, vert pull day, and OHP day, but use different variations

Cram lots of mobility, prehab, etc, into the warmup


Conwict, would you mind posting a link to that thread?



That's one of them, if you're good with google you can find more.

google olad+dan+john+thread


In fact since OLAD has so much "room" for extras, you may have inspired me to do my cycle of Perfect 10 (8 weeks) with it.

There are plenty of options with one lift a day, really...just use your imagination.


Thanks for the reply.

I just started OLAD today with weighted dips. I did the wave progression and super setted (sp?) the last four sets with explosive pushups. Let me just say they got consecutively less explosive. haha. I liked it a lot though and it left me pretty worn out. Whole thing took less than 30 minutes. I'm looking forward to, but also a little weary of squat day this wednesday.


wittle baby can't take squats?


I would say it is set up for both ...depending on your goal. I read over it quickly though.

For strength, just have long rest periods.

For size, shorten the rest periods and make sure you EAT enough to gain size.

That's it!

Try it out, only one way to find out.



You can also tweak the rep ranges, vastly, though there's no reason not to use DJ's original 7x3->6x3->5-3-2 at first.

There are plenty of intriguing ideas you could try.

Here's a little idea I had today.

Speed week first week...10x2-4 on all exercises, performed at 40-65% 1rm

RE week, pick a fairly tough weight (8-15rm) and do as many reps as possible with each lift for a given number of sets (probably 3).

And then, of course, max effort week. Plenty of warmup that leads into a maxout, probably not a single though...3-5rm.

Seems like the ideal order, based on difficulty.

Another idea I like is to have two or three categories of things that you know you need to work on, mini workouts, with things like external rotations, low trap raises, abductor/adductor work, wrist extensor work, self myofascial release, stretching, glute activation, etc.

You use the time after each workout to do a really dense, time-effective, balanced treatment of whatever problem you have. You could even use a die like Dan John suggests elsewhere.

1: external rotations and low trap raises
2: self myofascial release on foam roller
3: stretching
4: glute activation, wrist extensor work, abductor/adductor work
5: your choice
6: skip


btw dave,

Not a bad set of lifts you have there, especially 305 DL at 160 something btw. Go for double.

Oh, another thing, if you go with the "diff exercises each week" idea, you can do a harder exercise each week.

week 1..flat bbbp, week 2 flat dbbp, week 3 incline dbbp
week 1...high box squat...week 2 low box squat...week 3 back squat or front squat
week 1...rack pull...week 2...lower rack pull, snatch grip...week 3...snatch grip DL from floor


Yes you do!


I can see it, I guess. That's odd. Kinda weird that you noticed, too.


Here is a nice little Die post-workout thing I made, enjoy, feel free to alter. Thanks to Dan John. I'll be using it with OLAD.

Die Post-workout

A1) DB low trap raises on bench, 2-4x8-15
A2) Poor man�??s shoulder horn, 2-4x8-15
B1) Cable partial external rotation, 2x15-20
B2) Push-up plus with feet elevated, 2x15-20

Self myofascial release with foam roller and softball/tennis ball, full body

Dynamic stretch:
A1) Frankensteins, 3x10
A2) Traffic cop, 3x30
B1) Gate swing, 3x10
B2) Glute stretch walk, 3x8
B3) Quad stretch walk, 3x8
C1) Golfer pickup walk, 3x5
C2) Arm windmills, 3x30
C3) Scraping the barrel,, 3x20 both ways
Static stretch:
Calves, hams, inner thigh, quads, glute/IT band/psoas, hip flexors, spinal erectors, lats, three delt heads, triceps/medial delt, biceps/chest, chest, forearms, traps three ways, quadratus lumborum, intra-thoracic mobility on foam roller

A1) Hip flexor stretch, YxTime
A2) Weighted glute bridge for reps 2-3x5-10, where 2-3 is Y
B1) Uni glute bridge for time, 2-4 sets
B2) Side lunges, 2-4x6-12
C1) Adductor machine, 2x8-15
C2) Abductor machine, 2x8-15
C3) Wrist roller for extensors, 1-3 sets

Nap, 15-45 min.

Choice of above, or skip