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Is This a Sign of Gyno or What?

Hello guys,
first off im natural 100% never did any roids, ph.
Been lifting for 6 years.
22 years old
Im on a cut at 67 kg and what makes me think i might have gyno is that today i noticed i ve got under my nipple like a bump of some kind and its a bit sore, mainly uncomftable, could it be gyno ?

Pics would help, but yah it sounds like it.

Some people are just predisposed to certain hormone levels. It’s more common among non-PED users than you might think, although with most, bodyfat levels never get low enough to detect. In your case, the soreness is sign enough to get it looked at.


Thanks for the reply, Visualy you cant see anything only feeling it, im going to see the docter tomorrow and she what he says. Could i try anyway up my kals on fats to see if that why it goes away from the benefits of high fats=higher T and Lower E ?

One more thing if i keep lowering bf% it could go away no , since the lower your bf keeps geting the more Testosterone is in your body or dose that defer when were on a cut ?

Is thewre any natural remedis i could try out?

last yea i got my buddy into lifting. he was doing very well too, but a couple months into it one of his tits got sore and a little lump formed.

we don’t know the cause maybe his hormones changing from lifting or drinking from plastic bottles every day who knows but it went away in a month or so.

My son had really bad gyno as he transitioned into puberty. He would go to pool parties and keep his shirt on. He’s not even a lifter… just a thin musician. I stressed over it (probably more than he did because I know how brutal kids can be) but it went away with 2 years.

Gone to the doctor she told me its not gyno just somekind of infection and with antibiotics and a parasetamol to take the pain away i would be okey in a week off to get what i need. :smiley: But she says if it dosent to come back but its more then sure it will be okey.