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Is this a Shoulder Impingement?

My only probable cause was earlier this week I stumbled with re-racking my last set of squats (missed the right side and it almost fell), and I didn’t think too much of it. Today I widened my grip on bench, I used to be ~1.5 inches in from rings, now pinky on rings. I finished all of my sets, and they felt light. I jumped 25 lbs to 275 for some reps and got pinned. I’ve repped it before, so I didn’t think I was gassed. I tried 225 and blew away my previous max reps, so I’m not sure. Would this be a shoulder impingement, or my body just not used to the grip with heavier weight. I also noticed on my overhead press that my left side was weaker/lagging, but I feel no pain in it. Should I lay off of upper body work for a week or so?

Widened grip, weight felt light, pinned by sub-maximal weight, but PR’ed max reps on 225.