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Is This a Rotator Cuff Problem?


Alright, some background information. I broke my right fore arm and it has to be in a cast for about 7 months, i believe this is the cause of my problem as the cast has my shoulders fixed in an werid position.

Here's my problem. When i do pull ups, i'll feel that the joint near the back of my shoulders, (i assume this is the rotator cuff?) is not smooth, as in there is alot of friction(i can feel the joint creaking) as i pull. And my right shoulders will rise alot when pulling compared to my left shoulder, which is just at normal height.

Also, when bench pressing, when the back is near my chest and i start to press up, the same area(the joint behind my right shoulder) seems weak, unstable and not firm.

Is this a rotator cuff problem? and what can i do to fix this?

Thanks alot guys.


i get the EXACT same thing.

Outside of training my right shoulder just burns a lot. I've had an anthrogram done and nothing came up. I've done countless kinds of shoulder stability, rotator cuff exercises & upper back/mid trap exercises but had no changes/success with any of them.

My left upper back tingles like crazy too most of the time. Especially when I elevate my scapula, don't know what the fuck that is about.


Zendefone, your problem sounds more like weakness of the muscles that stabilize the shoulder blade. This weakness, with overuse, will lead to rotator cuff problems. Those muscles can be strengthened with rows, deadlifts and pulling exercises. I think you would benefit from seeing a physical therapist.

Goodfellow, tingling and burning sensations when not training sounds neuro. You should have your doctor look into your neck.


a year ago I was unfortunate enough to have a pec tendon rupture. Ny arm was strapped to my body for 6 weeks. I After 4mnths of inactivity i got back in the gym and needless 2 say it was slow going.

That being said i can relate to your problem. When i finally started doing chins i had similair pains and was told it was not only the loss of strength but the loss of flexability.

Its a thought bro. maybe you should see if your range of motion is where it should be? I've had good results and no longer have the pains.


My first thought would be a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). Actually my first thought would be to get it diagnosed by a professional and not by a bunch of internet warriors.

Being in a sling or a cast for a prolonged period can wreak havoc on your shoulder mobility. You can have adhesions within the joint, between seperate muscles, or within one muscle itself. But these will generally produce a good deal of pain as well.

Best case scenario is that everyone here is going to throw out a random diagnosis, and you'll pick the one that sounds best to you. Do yourself a favor and get it looked at before you do yourself any real harm.


Quoted just so you'd read it twice.