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Is this a Rip Off?


ive been using gnc's own bcaas called "amino". the least concentrated is twenty dollars. i read the ingredients and it is just soybean oil. the same thing as vegetable oil which i could for a few dollars. is this a rip off?


No it's a real bargain


Erm.. If your buying bcaas, but it's really oil...

WTF do you think then??


How long have you been using it for anyway?


Buy Biotest, end of discussion.


damn buying "Biotest" the company would sure as hell solve it.


got a link to the product ?

I gotta see this


Never buy anything from GNC. It's all absurdly overpriced and inferior.


i was going to buy from here but my credit card was all complicated.
the link is gnc.com
i have been using it for about four months, i think.
there is one thing i would buy from gnc, creadex. it has creatine and beta alanine. plus i love map's advertising.

i still have to finish this bcaa called aminobolic. the pills are larger than suppositories, i doubt a heterosexual could fit it down his throat. and it smells like spoiled milk