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Is This a Reasonable Calorie Deficit?

Hi all,

Brief background:

Was big into weightlifting in my teens and twenties.
But, had a back injury, and ruptured 2 discs.
Was forced to layoff training for many years.

Just starting 4 months ago, was FINALLY able to lift again after successful rehab.

My body was in flux for years; down to 160, up to 240,
and before recently lifting again, my weight was 200 with a 40 inch waist.

My current stats: 5’11", weigh 213, body fat is about 27%.

I have been eating 2000 calories per day, eating about 220 grams protein, 125-150 grams carbs, and the rest fat calories.

My strength continues to go up, my bodyweight is actually going UP!

I went from 40" waist at 200lbs, to a 34" waist at 213lbs.

I discovered through my doc my body had QUIT producing testosterone due to years of pain Med use. I have been on injectable Test Cypionate 2x per week, small(ish) dose of .5ml per injection. (Bottle says 1 ml per 200mg liquid).

I must be recomping my body, because I can see all the muscle I’m gaining, but I want to lose the fat, which is all around my abdomen.

So should I cut my calories below 2000?

I don’t know where to go; it’s crazy to gain muscle on such relatively low calories. I know probably NO ONE would complain about gaining muscle, but I’d rather simply keep what I have and lose the fat FIRST.

The Katch-McCardle calculator says my TDEE is 2941, and Harris-Benedict says my TDEE is 3400.

I lift heavy 5 days a week, 90 minutes each session, and do no cardio.

Thanks for any opinions you guys care to share!

If I had lost 6 inches on my waist while gaining 13 lbs in 4 months, I wouldn’t even consider changing anything about what I was doing.

Yeah, I can’t argue with success :slight_smile:

I just find it weird that I’m gaining muscle on 2,000 calories…it makes me a little concerned that I might have to eat like 1,000 calories to lose the rest of the fat on my abdomen!

I would say keep doing what you are doing as of now. Once you have stopped producing results that satisfy you, I would add a couple hundred calories to your day every few weeks. As you add more food slowly implement cardio sessions (20-30 minutes per session). Once you have worked the calories up, possibly to your recommended maintenance calories begin a slow cut with more cardio sessions. Go off by feel at the end of the day, the progress it sounds like you are making is impressive, congrats!

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated !

Im going to get some photos done for a 3 month transformation, which hopefully, will go well!

Have a good week :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re getting great results @speedyone, well done! I don’t think I can add much more to what seems a successful routine for you.

The only things I would consider adding are the ones @thebigging mentioned. A great addition would be some short and intense cardio and a small calorie surplus, if you feel you’re platoing.

Great work man, let us know how it’s going.

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