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Is This A Proper Exercise?

On sunday morning I went into a little “Employee gym” to do some treadmill work and there was one guy in the place training in the power rack. He set up a bench and looked like he was going to do some box squats. He then started to do a good morning, but once he bent over and got into the down position he started thwapping his ass up and down on the bench, the bar never moved up or down when he was doing this…thwap thwap thwap! wtf?

I am probably stupid but is this a good morning squat? It looked like it would be extremely hard on the back…


Hell no that’s not a GMsquat! I’ve seen some weird stuff in the gym lately, but I have no idea what exercise he thought he was doing.
Peace Out!

No not a goodmorning squat. Maybe he misinterpreted Dave Tates Free Time article.

Thwap, thwap, thwap! Makes me laugh just picturing it.

I think I saw that in a porno once… at least the ass-thumping, thwapping part. I wish I could have seen this guy. Do you think you could sneak in a vid-recorder next time and post it?


LOL! This post DEFINETELY belongs on the ‘squat-rack curls’ thread.

I don’t want to make fun him, he looked like just a regular guy trying to get some exercise. He performed all of his other lifts with what looked to be pretty good form and appropriate load, it’s just this one he was doing struck me as odd. I only go there on the weekends to do some treadmill as I have my own equipment at home but if I see him again I will chat him up a bit and ask him what he is trying to do.