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Is This a Possible Infection? TRT Jab Gone Wrong

Hi, a little background, I’m on TRT, I take 25mg EOD of Test E and I jabbed 0.1ml with a insulin syringe in upper outer Glute

I usually use 1” needles but this time I could only get 8mm which is 1/3rd of an inch.

Another issue is, When I was preloading the syringes I think the tip of the needle accidentally poked the cap that goes over it, I put it to the side to replace it after I was done but I think I accidentally picked this one up and used it, it felt a bit more painful going in through the skin than usual which tells me the tip may have been slightly blunted.

I now have a small tender red warm lump, it’s been 3 days since the injection and the redness only appeared yesterday.
I don’t have a fever, and the lump feels smaller and softer today but the redness is slightly larger than the previous day.

I have two theories, one being the needle wasn’t deep enough and it’s caused irritation and the second being that I’ve caused an infection via contamination when the needle touched the needle cap, it was the inner piece of the cap and not the part you touch so theoretically it should be sterile but who knows.

Does this look like an infection?

What signs should I look for to differentiate between a sterile abscess and a pathogenic abscess please?

Should I get some antibiotics just in case?
If so would amoxicillin be ok?

Thank you for your help and apologies for the ass photo.

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Probably just because you went subQ. Seems a lot of people can get those nodules or what ever.

Give the ass a 3/10.


Lol you sick SOB. I mean clearly 5/10

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Shape, complexion, and hair should all be taken into account. How you got a 5 out of that I’ll never know.


With some superficial infections you can run really warm water and subject the area to a nice scalding(dont burn yourself) I had to do it on a finger that wouldnt stop getting filled with pus while backpacking through a Belizian jungle. Our guide boiled some water, let it cool a bit, and I slowly dipped my finger in and out of the semi hot water. It hurt, but when I woke up the next day, my finger returned to its normal size, and the infection subsided. So perhaps you can use some hot compress over the area.

We’ve added another picture, might be willing to meet you half way with a 4/10

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it looks like the typical subQ lump i used to get when i first started. About a month later I hardly ever get any lumps.

Thanks! I’ve kept an eye on it and it hasn’t changed so far

And thanks for the laugh with the rating :joy: haha

Thanks, this is my first in 2 years! Hence the worry, I’ve drew around it to monitor if it changes.
Does yours usually go down after a few days?

Thanks, I’ll run some hot water on it and see if it helps.

Mild cellulitis. Warm compress and tea tree oil. Keep it clean. Don’t bottom. You’ll be fine. You can’t trust me but I’m a nurse.


Yes usually within a week.