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Is This a Normal Response to TRT?

Hey guys, I just gave myself my second shot yesterday night. The first week on TRT was very interesting, I have heard that it takes a long time for TRT to show any benefit, so naturally I was not expecting to see anything of note happen the first week. However, I have experienced the following: very hard, persistent morning wood everyday since the morning after my first injection, my testicles were completely atrophied before, now they appear pretty plump and they hang lower as does my penis.

Toward the end of the first week, day 6/7 I experienced almost constant hard, random erections. Libido has been in surges but it has definitely been there. Anyway is all of this normal for the first week? I am not complaining really, I just am surprised that this stuff has happened the first week. My original Test was only 50ng/dl and my Free T didn’t even register, so I don’t think its from a combination of my natural T and the shots. Thanks as usual for your input guys.

Most don’t see erections quite this early or as frequently, I would say this is an above average, very positive response to TRT.

yeah, I am really surprised honestly. I still had erectile function without meds despite TT of 50 E2 of 10 and Free T <5. So that particular effect may be helped by that fact. Hopefully it keeps up, im dreading a crash or a complete reversal of the good effects I have seen so far. Also with my SHGB being 77. We shall see.

I had improvement of morning wood the first week. Almost everyday. Still get it. Wakes me up at night though.

This is similar to my experience. I hadnt had morning wood for probably 7 years give or take. The first 3 weeks of trt were a bit overwhelming really. It tapered off a little after 3 weeks and it was welcome.