Is This a Muscle Tear?

Okay, I wasn’t sure where to post this…

So I recently been getting this really sharp pain on my lower back, but its on the skin! It really feels like I’m getting bitten by a bug, whenever I DL or squat heavy. I can’t figure it out at all, I really don’t think its the muscle. It’s right on the surface of my skin. I was looking and couldn’t see anything either.

I’m just clueless, and I had to stop DLing because it was too much of a distraction and actually really hurt.

Anyone every come across something like this?

My first thought - Nerve problems show up at the nerve ending, not at the source of the problem. I’d focus on mobility because it sounds like something’s getting pinched.

You can’t call it a muscle tear unless there’s some serious ecchymosis.

The first response is likely right.

I get the same thing occasionally. While the mobility work is definitely good and will help, I like static stretching a lot more than many on this site.

Keep those hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and calves loose.