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Is This a Low Waking Temp?

Hi guys, 4 weeks into TRT, just wanna run these thyroid numbers by you. Not sure if this waking temp is considered low:

Right after waking up readings : 96.8, 97, 96.8
Afternoon readings: 98.5, 98.8

Only thyroid lab numbers available:
TSH - 1.34 (0.32-4.00) range
free T4 - 16 (9-19) range

Multivitamin with iodine/selenium @100% rdi for over 10 years daily


If your temps are getting close to 98.6 that is awesome. No worries.

Btw it’s the free t3 number that’s important. It’s the active hormone.

This afternoon it was a bit lower. All day averaged around 97.8 F. Maybe coming down with a cold.