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Is this a hernia?

I’m not sure, but there is a possibility that I have just felt a hernia. I do not want to waste a doctors time quite yet so I’ll just describe some background, visuals etc. First thing let me say that the other night it was around 35C when I went to bed so I slept naked on my sheets. There were mosquitos around but I was too hot to care. The next evening while having a scratch I noticed a lump around 2 inches north of the base of my dick. The lump was a little red and a bit hard to the touch. My first thought was a hernia. I gave it a gentle squeeze and got some blood out. Surely this is just a big mossie bite. I’ve been searching the net for information and found nothing really useful. Could these symptoms be a hernia. Red hard lump-some blood!
It was not painful but after some pretty hard squeezing it is now.

That little bump was your dick!

Its not a hernia…Sounds like an insect bite or an allergic reaction(which is what happens from an insect bite),Stop scratching it as you could infect it,Get some Calamine or Caladryl lotion,Be happy its not a hernia…VooDooChile

Cheers guys. How long does this sort of thing normally last? I’ts three days now.

I agree with the other guys. A hernia is a tear in the abdominal wall and your gut would be protuding through the tear(under the skin of course). As for how long mosquito bites last, I’ve personally had some stay itchy for a couple of weeks.

   Well James(which is also my name) my mom is a nurse and from the way I understand hernias are normallt on either side of the pelvic area right above your femur.
    If mosqutios were around thats my most likely guess its a bite. When you squezze it and blood came out thats probably cause its a fresh bite. If you lift anything like deadlift or squat and feel pain then , then it may be a hernia, but the way you described it its most likely not. Imn my opinion.

Thanks guys. If it wasn’t for the position it would never have bothered me. I’m currently on a rest week so deadlifts and squats are waiting till next week. I first noticed after cming home from the gym after squatting. Its still basically the same size-like a seed. Visually theres a red centre and a paler colour red around the edge. Like a wheel. Anyway I think you guys are right, it must be a bite. Hope its gone before next week.
Cheers. James.

James, your last description sounds like a tick
bite. Now, if you lived up around my area of the country; NY, NJ and CT, you’d be crapping your pants over Lyme’s Disease. If ticks are known to transmit nasty diseases in your area, I would see a doctor if I were you.

I’m in Victoria, which is in south eastern Australia. I don’t know anything about ticks but I do feel ok. I’m not sure whether ticks around here are that dangerous. A friend of mine had one on the back of his neck when camping. He didn’t know it and it did him some harm. Not sure about the details. My lump is still there. If it hasn’t gone away by this time next week I will see a doctor-but only if there are some other symptoms. Otherwise I’ll wait a month for the lump to clear.