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Is This a Healthy Weight Loss?

I’ve made a couple other posts recently about excercise and diet.

Any way I noticed something really odd. I go about 3 days with out loosing weight weekend comes I go ape poop on carbs, pasta, pizza etc. Same weight is the same for 3 days plus 2 days of the weekend so about 5 days total. I weigh my self everyday in the morning and always on monday I suddenly drop about 2 to 3 kilos. This has been happening for about month now. Is this healthy?

On another note since I started taking creatine my appetite has droped drastically. I also feel very bloated, and when I eat feel like vomiting. I am having a hard time keeping up the calories. Can I add more fats into my diet to compensate for the missing calories?

My usual meals.

8am. Oatmeal + fibre, protein shake.
10:30am: Can of Salmon or Tuna

12:35pm. Lunch, Tofu, Squid, Soup (Fish or Vegie soup some times egg soup) Little bit of Kimchi. Then a protein shake.

2:00pm. Dried Squid or Beef Jerky snack.
1 Flax seed Oil capsule

5:30pm. 4-6oz of Chicken breast.

7:00pm: Protein Shake. 1/2 Tsp of Creatine.
(Work out starts)
9:30pm. Protein Shake. + 1/2 Tsp Creatine

(I changed my creatine intake I decided not to do load)

I am still pretty heavy some my Protein should be around 140 grams… I manage about 125 or so.

Yes you can add healthy fats.

2 mix the creatine in HOT liquid.

3 yes stuff like that weight loss happend sounds like you are dropping the weight from the carb losses if its a few days post refeed. OR its the lack of fiber in those refeeds and simple carbs buring fast so you have an empty GI tract.

Think that a quick coverage. But yes up the healty fats and dense carb and protein source if your having trouble getting tghe cals. For instance you could have a cup of oats, or the equal in broccili would be a few damn lbs. Think dense.

Hope that helps,