Is This a Good Workout for a Beginner?

I’ve lifter seriously for 1.5 years before then had to take about a year off for medical reasons. Now I’m back at the gym and trying to compose a workout that would help me gain size
My measurements are as follows
During my layoff I tried to educate myself more on training and nutrition and came with the following full body workout to Start with

Workout A
Deadlift (55)
Bench press : 3
8-12 (not including warmup sets)
Seated Rows 38-12
Dumbell Shoulder press 3
Lat pull down 38-10
lateral raises 3
12-15 (I’m trying to focus on shoulder width so I included them)
Leg Press
Biceps Barbell curls 38-12
Skull Curshers 3
calf raises 4*12-15

Workout B
Incline Bench Press
T-Bar rows
Military Press
Pull ups
Incline Dumbell Curls
Triceps Push-downs

I alternate Workout A&B on a day-on day off basis, getting 3-4 workouts a week

Is this a good workout for a beginner?Should I add a third workout to hit muscle from different angles?

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Honestly it would be almost too long to write everything that is wrong with this program for a beginner. Way too many exercises per session. When you are a beginner you need to focus on becoming really good at the big basics…

  • Squat
  • Deadlift / hip hinge
  • Pressing (horizontal and vertical)
  • Pulling (horizontal and vertical)
  • Unilateral lower body work or carrying stuff

You spend WAYYYYYY too much volume on minor exercises that should only come in later, once you have built a lot of strength and technical efficiency on the big basics. Cut the garbage volume and do more work on the big basics.

You would be better off deleting this and putting it in “beginners“ or “bigger, stronger, leaner” forum.
Unless it has something to do with a CT program, you shouldn’t be posting here.

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Nothing wrong with asking CT about one’s own program, according to this forum’s description.

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I frequently ask Coach for advice. I would say it’s mostly NOT related to a specific program of his. Yet, for the most part he’s willing to converse and offer advice…

I mean no disrespect by recommending another coach’s program (huge CT follower here), but google Wendler’s 5/3/1 for beginners program. Plenty of focus on the big 4. Secondary focus on accessory movements. This is where you’d stick the horizontal/vertical pulling and unilateral work CT mentioned. There’s a clear progression model. Can’t lose.

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My response may have been poorly worded but how many times has CT said the thing he dislikes most is dissecting someone’s program because it takes way too much time to point out everything that’s wrong???
So I suggested posting it in another forum.

A good program is the one that you can do 3 times a week for years.

That is amazingly false. Few people can stay motivated by doing the same thing over and over for months, let alone years. Maybe you can and because of that your perception is that everybody can find something that will keep them motivated forever. But from my experience around 20-30% of the population fit that psychological profile.

In reality most people will need to have some form of variation in their training to be motivated enough to keep pushing hard.

A misunderstanding.

I never met just do 1 program. Do exercises that you can do many times. There is little point in doing an exercise for 2 months then never doing it again.

And if you have sporting injuries you can’t do certain exercises without problems.

If you hate squats and have a dodgy knee are you really going to try squating for 10 years? Even without injuries millions join gyms then quit or buy equipment then sell it. Why? Because they hate the exercises they are doing.

A lot of amateurs give up cause they aren’t doing exercises they enjoy.

If you like rowing but hate cycling then it follows that doing rowing for fitness rather than cycling is going to work better. Likewise with resistance training. If you like deadlifts do them. If you hate them you don’t have to do them. There are always alternatives. Same with diet. If there are 5 options and you like 2 choose those 2. Doing something good for 10 years is better than doing something better for 3 months then giving up.