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Is This a Good Starter Cycle?

01-10 Test Cypionate at 400-500MG
01-12 Arimidex at .5mg /day

13 Arimidex at .5mg /EOD
14 Arimidex at .25mg /EOD
15 Arimidex at .25mg / E3D

Your Adex is too high. Don’t assume you need it. Just have it on hand and be sensitive to E sides. Use nolvadex for your PCT. The consensus is wait about 2 weeks after your last pin and then start the nolva


Adex in pct is not only useless but will most likely hurt you.

. 5mg / day is way too high for 400/500mg test per week, no matter what are your condition.

You seem to avoid at all costs aromatization, but you’ve got to know that estrogens have important beneficial effects, such as lipid control. It’s all about balance.

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Thanks man. Would .25 Adex EOD be better?

What would be better is using it as needed. You may not need any. You may need a lot. You simply don’t know yet, so starting your dose without any information about what will be needed is a difficult way to do things.