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Is this a good stack?

I am 22 and weigh 205 at 6’1. I have been lifting for six or seven years now. My chest measures about 42" and my waist is 34". My thighs are 22". I bench about 275 x 12, squat 405 x 6 and deadlift 500 x 1. I just wanted to know if you guys thought this might be a good stack for me. I am looking to get massive size gains (without screwing myself up too bad, obviously).

8 weeks

Sustdry from RSOC: 750 mg/week (plus first week frontload)

D-bol: 50 mg/day (only for the first six weeks)

Tren: 50 mg/day

Clomid: post cycle clomid for 3 weeks

Novadex if needed (I figure the armidex in the sustdry should be enough)

I have also been considering not doing the tren. This is my first cycle, but I am looking for big gains. Any suggestions? Does this look good?

if you want the BIG gains then leave in the Tren! You may find yourself lowering the Dbol dose, or cutting it down to 4 or 5 weeks, depending how well you tolerate it.

id do the tren for sure. that is a lot of d-bol though imo. i would lower it to 30-40mg per day, and up the tren to 75per day.

Switch dbol with methyl-1-test and run 10 - 20mg ED for the first 4 weeks. Up the tren to 75mg ED.

bump the dbol actually down to about 25mg/day. this is plenty. And yeh if you like you can increase tren.

If I was to take only tren or d-bol, which would I want to do?

I can’t speak for d-bol yet, but you will like the tren a lot. I would lower the dose of d-bol somewhat, you might want to watch that to see how much you can handle in regard to bloating and blood pressure. I really like you cycle how you originally posted it, if you are intent on trimming out some of the d-bol I would do this: Run the tren and Drysust all 8 weeks, run 25-30mgs of the dbol for the first 3-4 weeks, and then do 10mg of the dbol in the morning during weeks 9-12 for recovery.

I say leave the stack as is, or bump the tren to maybe 75mg/day if considering dropping the dbol. Cycle prep looks good, the vets will be very pleased that you did your homework. Enjoy the cycle.

Good question. There is actually an artical on the current issue of T-mag by Cy called “steroid super stacks” I believe. It would be worth your time checking it out.

you will really have some fun in the gym with this stack. somewhere around days 7-10 you will take off like a rocket. this is a great first cycle. cycle for cycle you will get more from this one then any others in the future. enjoy it. good preperation bro.

Methyl-1 test over d-bol? You like it that much?

If I were to stack Primo (assuming it is real) with Sustdry would that be a good decision? I have heard it would be good from some sources, but not others. I know Primo is better for sides, but I still want good gains.

Yes, I like Methyl 1-test that much. In fact, I like it so much, I would include it in every cycle I do. :slight_smile: It’s mad strong stuff.

If you are able to purchase RSOC products from the man himself, I would drop the D-ball and use their Turinabol at 50-75mg daily, or if you want to “push it” use their Bolasterone product which will be available in a day or two. RSOC Primo is good to go also, don’t believe all the past negative posts. If I was you I would do Dry Sustanon 750mg weekly for 10 weeks front loaded with 1.5 grams the first week. Bolasterone 10-20mg daily for no longer than 4 weeks, or Turinabol 50-75mg daily for 6-8 weeks. Tren at 75mg daily for 8-10 weeks. Clomid 50mg daily through entire cycle, and 3-4 weeks post cycle.

I would leave it alone. The only thing is your probably gonna have some nasty cramping. My ass is usually pretty kicked by the 5th week or so of dbol. Make sure its taken throughout the day in divided dosages. Train your ass off and train heavy (though don’t get injured, increase loads very slowly.) Your gonna feel really strong and if your not careful you’ll impinge or rupture a rotator or something else and won’t even know you did it until your off cycle and lose all your gains cause you can’t lift even 20lbs above your head…) And eat well. I don’t like overeating though, usually I restrict calories on a cycle. But I weigh what I want to weight, my last cycle though I ate well and grew well. Mainly make sure your getting enough carbs/protein/fat to sustain you otherwise your training will suffer and you won’t see the benefits you’d otherwise make. Your gonna hit the wall really easy with this cycle and your gonna be short winded but recover quickly. You need to get enough fuel and sleep. Also I’d plan on using the clomid for a longer period of time probably twice that long atleast. And I would frontload it at 100mgs a day for the first week. You’ll want to start it about the beginning of the 2nd week off if you start it later then frontload 300mgs the first day. Have fun, watch the way your feeling, moniter your BP and make adjustments if needed if it shoots up too high lower you dbol dosage and see if that helps. The anastrozole in the drysus should keep the bloat at a minimum. I’d probably take an asprin a day to help BP. BTW for a first cycle you don’t really need to increase the tren dosages I don’t remember where you were on it but you don’t need 75mgs a day, not to say I haven’t used that much or even more. But on my first cycle I was rubbing in 2 carts of fina mixed with androsol and I grew like a weed. Oh and watch out cause every chick that rated a 3 is gonna be a 10 by the 2nd week…

great post spook. well said. the part about a chicks was funny but true. i think test gives us beer goggles or something.

stack seems good as is but it looks to me by your stats and length of time lifting that your diet is missing something.

I didn’t really read all the other comments, just kinda skimmed, so if I rehash anything that was already said then just ignore me. I would up the tren just a little bit and probably cut the d-bol out entirely and save it till next cycle. With the tren you could go 75mg/day or 150mg/eod. If you insist on keeping the d-bol as well, then cut backt the dose to around 30mg/day and only for 4 weeks instead of six. I’m in a hurry right now, so sorry if I missed something.

This is a great cycle for a first timer. 50mgs of tren is fine since this is your first experience with this drug. In the future you may want to bump it up to 75-100mgs but for now it looks great. Keep us posted!

Would it be a good idea to replace the d-bol with 10 mg of RSOC bolasterone for the first three weeks?