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Is This a Good Routine?


this is based along the lines of Rippetoe's but with out the power clean. i added in sumo for more glute and ham work (to help with squat and conventional deadlift progress)

low-bar squat 3x5
bench press 3x5
conventional deadlift 3x5

low-bar squat 3x5
the press 3x5
sumo deadlift 3x5

is there anything wrong with doing this ?
or is it not necessary to pull from the floor 2-3x a week ?

thanks for any replies


If you want to do something like this, I would strongly suggest looking at Bill Starrs 5x5.

To me, it looks like anyone who did something like this as hard as they could for a long time would either burn out or their weights wouldnt go up. Bill Starr's program basically autoregulates itself with the weights each workout. Google it.