Is This a Good Routine?

Day 1: Chest Back

Dumbbell Bench: 5x5
Weighted Pull ups: 5x5
Weighted Chest Dips: 3x8
Cable Rows: 3x8
One Arm Row: 3x6
Push Up: 3x25

Day 2: Shoulder Legs

Body Weight Squat: 5x20
Dumbbell Military Press: 5x5
One Leg Squat: 3x10
Lat Raise: 5x5
Front Raise: (not sure on name): 5x5
BW Squat: 3x10
Bent Lat: 3x8

Day 4: Off From Weights

Day 5: Arms

Weighted Chin up: 5x5-8
Tri Kickback: 5x5
Bi Curl: 3x8
Tri Dip: 3x8
Hammer Curl: 2x8
Tri Extensions: 2x8

Day 6: Off


-Abs are done every other day or every 3rd day.

This doesn’t count my endurance training, or any of my boxing, just my weights.

You’ve a large upper/lower imbalance

If anything you should train your legs more because you box, not less

Also make time for some deadlifting

I would have deadlifing but there is a certain reason i dont have it in. And i do know the imbalance im just getting close on my weight class and im not sure if i want to commit to jumping up another one yet.

Fair enough, I should’ve asked what your goals in the first place, are you not deadlifting due to back problems?

If so then hypers, reverse hypers and foam rolling will help

Ya my back went out a few weeks ago. I should have posted that. Its ALMOST 100%, but if i do hit a wrong angle i get a sharp pain so i want that to go away coz i know if i feel that when im lifting ill involuntarily jerk and i dont wanna wreck it again… not just yet :p.

But other than that not over working anything am i? I’d like to replace curls all together as i just despise them, but i dont think weighted chins will be enough.

You need a bunch more lower body exercises.

Bodyweight squats? C’mon. Unless you’re 300lbs, you’re not squatting enough.

If your injury affects that, that’s one thing. Switch to belt squat or front squat. But you gotta have squat.

Your arm day is also not useful to combat, you know that, right?

Yup my arms are just done for looks. No ammount of muscle is going to add much power, at least not from Bis and Tris.