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Is This A Good Program?


Please let me know what you think of this program. My goal is to gain some mass. I'm starting at about 50-60% of my 1RM and increasing that every week about 5 pounds. Suggestions?

Day 1:

Bent over BB Rows, 10x10
Sumo-style Deadlifts, 3x5

Day 2:


Day 3:

Squats, 10x10
Calf raises, 2x50
Power Cleans, 3x5

Day 4:

Military Press, 10x10
Romanian Deadlifts, 4x15

Day 5:

Chin ups, 4x10
Push ups, 3x75

Day 6:


Day 7:



Man honestly it simple bare bone but that aint bad it also looks brutal. I wouldnt expect to run this long term but 4-6 weeks then a change where you then move some higher loads could be good. The loads are going to be very limited by you rep / set scheme as well your going to just need a drop in volume.

Give it a go and let us know how it works and for gods sake eat like an animal youll be doing some serious tissue damage.

You might take a look at CP's original GVT on this site for a like program



Thanks for the feedback phil. I'm on day 5 of the first week and my hamstrings and legs in general are pretty sore. Otherwise I'm in good shape.

You're absolutely right about the timeframe. I plan on sticking to this for 6 weeks.


I was expecting another retarded assortment of auxillary exercises and a perfect diet, but I gotta say it's simple yet effective. You have unilateral and bilateral work with a good balance of upper lower front and back...Can you transmit some program making knowledge to all the other newbies?

One thing though. Is 2x50 working well for you for calves? Mine respond to a bit less than 2x my BW for 15-20 reps. Then I do 3-4 sets of that and I've been making good progress. Everybody else I lift with can't seem to make gains on calves and they use high reps. Just food for thought.