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Is This a Good Program?

Monday: Squat 531, Squat FSL, Deadlift BBB Superset with 5x10 Chinups, 5x10 hammer Curls, Abs

Tuesday: Benchpress 531, Benchpress FSL, Ohp BBB, dips

Thursday: Deadlift 531, Deadlift FSL, Squat BBB superset with 5x10 pullups, 5x10 hammer Curls, Abs

Friday: Ohp 531, Ohp FSL, Incline Benchpress BBB , abs,

So you’re essentially using BBB sets as assistance work after your 531 and supplement (FSL).

My suggestion would be to swap the BBB sets out for similar but less taxing exercises as follows: Squat --> Goblet squat; DL --> SLDL; BP and OHP --> incline DB press. This would be more in line with the philosophy of 531 programs.

So you’re going to do squat 5/3/1(maybe even pr) followed by squat FSL followed by deadlift BBB, this leads me to believe you are a beginner. Nothing wrong with that, but maybe you’d be better off researching what mr. Wendler currently recommends for beginners and do that instead.
Just a suggestion.

See the other thread - no, it’s a damn bad idea. BBB, if done correctly, is heavy. Even if you’re a total beginner it will catch up to you soon with that much work thrown in.

Pick one:

I am kind of a beginner, my lifts are 150kg squat, 200kg deadlift, 110 kg bench and 70kg ohp. But I just don’t feel like I’m progressing very fast. Do you think it would be a good program if i remove the FSL part?

You don’t build strength fast. Strength comes after YEARS AND YEARS of work. Stay on 531 for a while and watch how much you improve, but don’t expect to build elite level strength in 6-8 weeks

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It is NOT a good program.

A good program that Jim often recommends for beginners (which I’m doing now to build a strength foundation) is 5’s PRO, 5x5 FSL, and then assistance work (the details are in his Forever 5/3/1 book, you should definitely get it to learn about setting up programs and not just using templates to get the most gains in the fastest time possible).

Beginners (myself included) are tempted to try and do it all. After all, we see how fast we gain strength in such a short amount of time so we think that we can handle the work load. But, there will come a point where you just don’t gain the same amount of strength and eventually burn out. Wouldn’t it be better to slowly add 50lbs in a bench press in a year than to try and add 75 lbs in 8 weeks, miss 2 weeks because life happens, then go back to the gym and you can only lift an extra 25 lbs, injure yourself trying to do what you did 2 weeks ago, and you just go up and down and end up not making any real significant gains in a year?

That’s why one of Jim’s principles is to start light. Don’t try to do it all, and build a foundation. Don’t narrow down your timeline to weeks or months. Think of it in terms of years. I mean, do you really think that you’ll be able to keep up doing 400 lb squats 5/3/1, then 300 lb FSL, and then 275 deadlifts (5 sets of 10???). You may think the program works now, but it’s not sustainable.

No, that’s not a good program. You are doing too much supplemental. As a ‘beginner’ do something like this:

  1. Buy 5/3/1 Second Edition or Beyond 5/3/1 or Forever 5/3/1.
  2. set up your training as follows - it doesn’t matter if you’re doing the below twice a week or 3 times a week, but this shouldn’t be done 4 times a week. Alternate each workout. The push, pull and single-leg/core is whatever you want it to be - but make it simple like triceps push downs, push ups, dips or DB shoulder press (for push), chin ups or pull ups or lat pull downs or DB rows for pull, and any type of Abs work, lunges or single leg squats for the single leg/core.

Warm up before your lifting with a circuit of 20 jumping jacks, 10 body weight squats, and 10 mountain climbers per leg - go through that circuit 3-5 times.

Also try to get in 10 jumps or throws before your lifting. These can be box jumps or standing long jumps, and throw a medicine ball overhead or a forward pass or slam it to the ground. All should be explosive, full body movements when it comes to jumping and throwing.

  1. the workouts:

Workout A
Squat 5’s Pro
Bench 5’s Pro
25-50 Push
25-50 Pull
25-50 Single Leg/Core

Workout B
Deadlift 5’s Pro
Press 5’s Pro
25-50 Push
25-50 Pull
25-50 single leg/core

  1. conditioning should be mainly easy, 4 days a week. Easy conditioning is basically a 2 mile walk, 30 minutes on an airdyne, or a 1 mile weighted vest walk if you have access to one.

  2. if you can handle hard conditioning, I’d keep it to two sessions per week with a total of 1600 meters (1 mile). You don’t have to run the whole mile, but try to get in at least 1 mile of running, twice a week. Can be broken into 16x100m, 8x200m, 4x400m, or 2x800m.

Just get it done and good luck.