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Is This a Good Program Setup for a Beginner?

I devised the following program with the equipment I have in my garage which includes a power rack, Olympic barbell, plates and power block dumbbells. I also have a flat bench that is not adjustable. Should I add some kind of cardio or stretching to this routine? The routine typically takes 30 minutes and leaves more to be desired.

PUSH: Monday, Thursday
Bench Press: 3x5
Close-Grip Bench Press: 3x5
Overhead Press: 3x5

PULL: Tuesday, Friday
Deadlift: 3x5
Bent Over Row: 3x5
Pull-Up: 35 repetitions

LEGS: Wednesday, Saturday
Back Squat: 3x5
Front Squat: 3x5
Calf raise: 100 repetitions

*If a lower body workout is successfully completed raise the weight by 10 lbs. If an upper body workout is successfully completed raise the weight by 5 pounds.
*If you fail a workout do the same weight on the next workout until you can successfully complete all sets and repetitions with proper form.

What are your stats and goals?

of the routine:

-I like that you picked big, basic lifts

-Too much work in the same rep ranges
-Progression system is way too aggressive.
-Not enough rest. More =/= better

To be honest I think it’s an all-around bad idea for beginners to design their own routines.

Height: 5’10"
Weight: 205

As far as my strength stats I did my 1 rep max for the big lifts a couple weeks ago. I’m not exactly beginner but I’ve never been consistent for more than 3 months. I keep getting injured which makes me quit lifting for months but my strength is decent I would say.

Bench: 285 (Couldn’t get a single pound heavier)
OH Press: 225 (Slight swing but otherwise got it up)
Squat: 365 (Not trying heavier in fear of injury)
DL: 405 (Not trying heavier in fear of injury)

My goal is to cut down to 185 while maintaining my strength and prevent injury. How would you setup the rep ranges? I did the same rep ranges so it saves me from having to get up and change the weight as rep range changes.

Ok ok. I thought you were a beginner beginner, but you’re dl double bw and pressing close to bw. I just like having one big lift and then having assistance for higher reps; train the movement and then the muscles sort of thing. But man, that’s a tough progression system you’ve got there, id stall quick on it but you may have more strength potential than me lol.

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You do realize your working the hell out of your lower back correct?

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No curls wow. Make sure on push day heavy ohp bar them flat dumbbells med, swap out an close grip day with skull crushers the medium ohp dumbbells heavy bench. Do your a dead lift variation on leg day in stead of back day. Which leaves room for heavy hammer curls , and straight bar curls on back day alt. As for your calves do them mwf different exercise 50 reps , as well as abs mwf . For anabolic cardio do hill sprints. Yes very reps your not hard core until you 20 rep squats, also on back do barbell row alt with dumbel row. Have fun training, when i was young training was what i lived for, until i discovered p**** , then i though the bigger i get the more of that i get.

Try this: will get you shredded fast and also stronger…

If want to avoid injury just get in a good amount of mobility work as warming up, and stretch thoroughly after each session

You do understand that you are working similar muscle groups two days in a row?

Yeah, bigger guys get way more prick.

Jealous are ya ; ) yogi

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That is an intense program, might be too much for me right now as my joints are just getting into the swing of heavy weights and explosive activity. I swear I get hurt more often than I did when I was 18 and I’m only 27 lol.

It was pointed out to me that I should incorporate DL’s on my leg day. Thanks for the insight.

Not sure what you mean by this comment?

I’m not really a fan of isolation exercises, they seem really inefficient. My biceps grow quite a bit from OHP, DL, etc.

It’s becoming clear to me that I should not rely on my own knowledge to create a lifting routine for myself. Thanks for all the comments. Would it be consider complete blasphemy on this forum if I just decided to do p90x lol? It looks much easier on joints.

How on Earth are your biceps growing from deadlifts?

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Doing a similar program to the one I detailed above with heavy ass weight made every muscle in my body grow. My arms were the first thing to put on a lot of size, give it a try.

Love the exercise selection but get off the 35 or 55 etc BS. Its a lazy set rep progression that is applied as a one size fits all and isn’t even an ideal way of pushing your self.

Track your progress and work off of percentages of your last completed.

Ignore the 3 reps or less use this for all. If you are going to do singles add in another warmup set at 95%.

Last completed is the last successful complete set. SO if you Benched 5 reps at 235 then hit 3 at 245 your LC is 235.

PERCENTAGES push you to your limit every workout so you progress as fast as YOU can at that given moment. If you fail before you hit you hit your LC then take some weight off and hit some back off sets and try again next workout.

Ok … I must of overlooked the post. Just wanted to make sure that you was aware of the issue in your programming.

Sorry to jump on the thread but could you explain this a bit more? It looks interesting and I’ve never seen it before.