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Is This a Good Olympic Routine?


I'm starting an olympic routine next week, and just wanted some opinions on the one I selected. It's a basic plan by Gayle Hatch for a beginner. I have been learning and working on my technique for the past year and wanted something that focused mainly on Oly. lifts. Thanks for any input. www.gaylehatch.com/begtrain.htm


Honestly I wouldn't think you could fit all that in an hour and 15 minutes like she said. That also seems like a lot of volume at least to me. I do the same exercises she listed, and doing even 5 of them is a task, let alone 7 she recommended. I guess whatever you're comfortable with though.

I also would recommend learning all your lifts from the hang at first (not from the floor) and progressively start from a lower hang over the weeks of training. Its much easier to progress when you focus on getting the 2nd pull form correct first.


Gayle Hatch is a man, not a woman.


Looks good to me. If I was gonna do that I would do it as is at least for the first 60 day cycle.


My mistake...first time I've heard that one.