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Is this a Good Idea or Bad?


For my shoulder/tri workout I usually do:

BB Seated Military 4 sets
DB Shoulder Press 2 sets
DB Laterals 3 sets
Rear Fly Machine 3 Sets

CGBP 3-4 Sets
Skullcrushers 2-3 Sets
Single DB OH Ext 2-3 Sets

Since I figured the CGBP uses shoulders, I was wondering if putting the DB side laterals and Rear delt work at the very end of my workout after triceps would be better? Or is it rather pointless and the extra shoulder work wouldnt effect my CGBP too much?

Would look like:

BB Military
Db shoulder press

Side Laterals
Rear Fly


If your worried about overworking before hitting CGBP and you really want to up that movement as compared to your other lifts, why not put it first.


I always believe in bigger muscle groups first. Tiring the tris before hitting a Shoulder press seems like a bad idea IMO.


Yeah but I'm saying it depends on what lift you really want to make more progress on. If it's CGBP than do that first. If it's Military press do that first.


honestly you should be fine. A variation of the cgbp would be doing them in a cage at the height where the tri's are the main movers if you are THAT worried about shoulders interference......bonus of that is more weight being used. Ive also found this way to be easier on my joints.....and keeps chest fresh relatively

personally, I HATE full ROM CGBP


um, answering your question

keep the delt stuff together and tri stuff together

why you doing bb and db pressing on the same day? what about subbing bb pressing fpr shrugs?


I only hit shoulders once a week directly on that shoulder/tri day. I do Seated BB Shoulder press followed by Db Seated shoulder press. Ive just always done that. I usually make PR's weekly on both lifts so I kept them.

Im not too too worried on shoulders coming into play on CGBP. I just "fry" my shoulders after dong side laterals. And I was wondering if it was holding my triceps back a little from getting stronger. Hence thinking leaving them till after the tricep workout.


Hdy man, you're hittin PRs on sjoulder pressing. What does that tell you?



Keep doing what you're doing.