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Is This a Good First Cycle?

I’m 6’ at 180 lbs and 8%BF. I’ve been training hard for almost 4 years and am 25 years old. I’d like to experiment with a cycle of AAS and need to know if this is okay. I’m prone to MPB and don’t want to lose any hair so what do you guys think of this?

Deca - weeks 1-8 at 500mgs
Primobolan or Anavar at ???

I can also get a hold of EQ, but don’t know if it would be good for me or not.

Thanks in advance.

How about you just face the fact that you are going to go bald and go get some test cyp and maybe some eq. Way before that though go find out about anti-E’s and hcg. Then come back with a well thought out cycle going week by week with dosages and some of the vets around here will help you out a lot more than I can.

Hey. I hate gym morons too. LOL!

Anyway, you and I are in the same boat - similar age and training history.

Here’s my take on things:

Using the Deca is usually good for preventing hair loss that would arise from other AAS. This is because it is converted to dihydronandrolone in the skin by the same 5-alpha-reductase enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

However for good results, you will need to stack a more androgenic compound with it, and the more androgenic the compound, the greater the risk to hair.

Although Primo is not generally viewed as being as supressive as other androgens, it does have some effect on the hair line.

EQ, ie. boldenone undeclynate is great. Big pumps, good vascularity and good strength increases. However it isn’t all that androgenic a compound and otherwise behaves a lot like deca. It will not prevent a noticeable loss of libido. Just make sure that you have real EQ, and not something like Drive which combines the boldneone with methandriol dipropionate which is rather nasty stuff for a guy with MPB.

Anavar, or any other oxandrolone clone has good results when taken in sufficient dosage. You’d want at least 20mg/day. This makes it damn pricey… but it’s not gonna hit your scalp.

Both the EQ and the Anavar will increase strength and LBM retention post cycle, in much the way that a harder androgen would do.

My suggestion is either:

Deca (500mg/week)
EQ (200mg/week)

then taper out with
EQ (200mg/week)
Anavar (20-40mg/day)

Don’t forget the clomid when coming off. Also, if you use HCG when coming off, then you’ll probably need some Finasteride/Dutasteride ONLY once you come off the deca.

At the same time, you may with to use regaine, or any other menoxitil-based transdermal. You can also try adding some PLO based transdermal like Phlojel or Transderma to the mix, along with some Retin-A, for better action and effectiveness.

My personal experience is that good old testosterone + equipoise is a good thing for MPB guys, provided that Finasteride or Dutasteride and Menoxitil is used.

200mgs of EQ seems kinda low. The reseach I’ve done made me think that 400mgs is on the lower end of being noticeably effective…

As far as MPB, I have a special shampoo system that probably works as good or better than Nioxin, and I currently use Minoxodil. What’s this other stuff and where can I get it.

I’m only looking to gain 12-15 lbs LBM so stuff like DBol and Sustanon might not even be needed to achieve this.

I can get Nolvadex really easy, so if I ended up using Deca, would Nolva be a good PCT or is Clomid stil needed?

Could I just use do a EQ/Anavar cycle?

Week 1-8 EQ - 400mgs
Week 1-8 Anavar- 30mgs

I don’t believe any PT is necessary with this cycle, let me know if I’m wrong, I’m totally new to this.

I think you should probably run PCT anyway, even with the EQ/anavar cycle, but that is just my opinion. EQ can still be suppressive. Otherwise, I agree with everything that tracer said. It is much easier to use test and combat MPB at the same time because of products like propecia. But with deca, you definitely need a rogain-like treatment because the deca and propecia cancel each other out. i have heard bad things about rogain or monoxidil based products, though. There are some homeopathic and natural remedies that i think work just as well, and are cheaper too. You might want to look into something like Hair Genesis (I think thats what it is called).
If you plan on using deca I’m sure that you know how suppressive it is, long term, which necessitates HCG use. However, be careful and have novla on hand because HCG can aromatize as well. I have a similar problem to yours because I want to run a Nandrolone Phenylpropionate/ Test Propionate/Winny cycle, and am looking for something to combat MPB while mixing well with the AAS. I chose the propionate esters because they are fast acting and are out of your system more quickly, and easier to recover from.

Beware the “deca dick!” Through in some test. Use finestride, nizoral, rogain, etc…

the purpose of stacking is to use steroids that complement each other, not steroids which are redundent. In this case all the steroids you have mentioned are class 1. I recomend you use either test along with deca or eq, or anavar, or use dbol or winstrol (both class 2 drugs) with the above listed drugs. And as for hair loss, as stated above. unless you stick with test (propecia), you are going to have to use a topical medication that blocks dht at the scalp.P-22

I have access to Propecia/Proscar so getting is no problem, I’m just wondering if it was even effective in combatting DHT while using Test. Sounds like it is… I’m not looking for huge, higly noticeble gains, like I would get with Dbol or even Test, I’m looking for a good mild to moderate cycle for a first timer, that would allow me to control the hairloss issue to. I’m a model and I’m trying to get more into fitness modeling so I really need my hair. Thanks for all your help guys, any more suggestions would be appreciated.

I would then recommend a mild cycle of anavar and winstrol, or primo and winstrol

Make sure you heed tracer’s advice, only use propecia (finasteride) after you come off the deca. This is because deca is converted to a less hair toxic metabolite in the scalp. This conversion is catalyzed by an enzyme which is INHIBITED by propecia, so taking Propecia actually INCREASES Deca’s hair toxicity. If you don’t take deca (which I wouldn’t because it’s too suppressive) and stick to the test and eq., take the propecia. If you’re inclined for MPB, you should be taking propecia anyways. That’s the best thing on the market.