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Is This a Good First Cycle?

first of all im 5’11 21yo 11%bf 177lb

this is my idea if what i want my cycle to be like its my first. theres alot of grey area and diffrent opinions on aromasan use if it should be used only when needed or used to prevent problems before they occur. i just want a straight answer on what i should do with aromasan in this specific cycle. and people use nolva/clomid before their cycle ends my understanding is you shouldnt with hcg because hcg is already jump starting pct? thanks

Week 1-12: Test E 200mg E3D,
Week 8-10: HCG 500iu EOD, Aromasan 25mg ED
Week 11-14: HCG 500 2xW, Aromasan 25mg ED
Week: 15-23: Nolvadex 20mg ED

Too much HCG, way too much aromasin, not enough Nolva.

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Here’s a great cycle:

Week 1-12: Test E, 250mg 2x/wk
Week 15-16 Nolvadex 40mg/day
Week 17-18 Nolvadex 20mg/day