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Is This a Good First Cycle? Need PCT Advice


I will start my first steroid cycle next week. I am 21 years old. Have been training for 3 years and want to compete in powerlifting. My weigh is 205 pounds; I can squat 465 bench 320 and deadlift 525. My plan is to do an 8 week cycle. I am planning to taking 50mg of tren ace daily for 8 weeks so total tren ace comes to 350mg/week for 8 weeks. Also I plan on taking 150mg of Test E per week. My plan is to inject 75mg of Test E twice a week for 8 weeks. I don’t plan on taking AI because of the low level of Test E I will be taking. As for PCT I plan on taking either 30mg of clomid for 4 weeks or 15mg of Nolvadex for 4 weeks. I will start PCT about 10-14 days after last Test E injection. Am I missing anything on here in regards to PCT? Please help any advice is welcome.


First: wait till your older. I waited till 34yrs old to cycle.
Second:first cycle is always test only cycle.this is for many reasons.
Third: research research research. Look up why you need a good PCT. Why you need ai on hand. Why test only as a first cycle. Why wait till 25 or older… But your not looking for this kind of advice. You looking for someone to tell you how big and cut up your tren will get you. Enjoy your youth bro. You got time. Research


You’re very right bro! Thanks! I have been researching like crazy for the past 5 days and it’s insane how many variables you have to take into consideration when doing a cycle. I have decided to wait a couple of years even though it hurts to do so. It’s the best for my body and my gains in the long run.