Is This a Good Dumbbell-Only Compound-Only Efficient Workout?

Looking more for tone and definition than bulk with about 30 minutes of workout a day at home. Any ideas on how to improve on this workout? I’d like to hit as many muscles as possible within a limited amount of time. I’ll be doing the sets back to back with minimal rest between them.

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For a total beginner this will probably work pretty well for a while (ie maybe about 3-6+ months) the main problem is basically that it’s unbalanced in the sense that your upper body work is likely going to be a lot more challenging than your lower body stuff (db squats are fine for a while for quads… but, long-term…it’s going to get difficult & impractical to add load)…find a way of fixing that issue & you probably can make good progress long-term.

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Just for the simple fact that it is not all compound movements. And unbalanced.


This plan has you working your arms almost twice as much as your back and legs.

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There is an article on how to build big legs with Dumbbells. Look it up.

Balance. 3days upper and two days of whimpy leg workout is not balanced.

[quote=“kafka, post:1, topic:227289”]
Looking more for tone and definition than bulk[/quote]
What’s your current height, weight, and general bodyfat?

Yes, scrap it and do any of these complexes 3 days a week. It’ll take the tiniest effort to figure out any dumbbell alternatives needed.

The limited equipment is a big enough hurdle. Don’t overlook push-up variations. T-push-ups can get some good upper back work:

Since you’re also trying to keep the workout under 30 minutes, it’s super-inefficient to try fitting in small stuff like four different arm exercises or chest flyes or specific rear delt work. Also, as was said, give the legs more attention and you’ll see better overall results.


Sorry I thought I replied to that but somehow that’s missing. It’s 5’8, 150 lb, 12%.

It’d be great if you stopped deleting posts that have useful info. For example, do you or do you not only have 30 minutes to train? There’s also no need to start another new thread about your routine. We can figure out a solution in this one.

Anyhow, I was under the impression that you were actually fat. Based on your stats, you are not, so that changes things.

I don’t suggest complexes. I suggest any decent pre-designed routine. There are many on the site and, again, it should take the littlest amount of effort to figure out intelligent exercise substitutions given your available equipment. I’d consider taking a shot at this plan, based on the DB clean and press.