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Is this a Good Diet for Fat Loss?

I have a quick question on dieting. My goal at the moment is fat loss while maintaining my muscle mass. I have a pretty high amount of muscle mass but also my body fat % is roughly around 20-22%. I was tempted to try this but I wanted to ask everyone’s opinion before hand. This may not be a good idea but that’s what I’m here for.

My plan was to do fullbody workout 3 days per week (probably hour to hour and a half sessions Monday Wednesday and friday) my training session will be in the pm roughly 7-8pm

Day 1 full body but majority focus on arms

Day 2 full body but majority focus on chest and back

Day 3 full body but majority focus on legs and shoulders

My question is: on training days could I limit my food intake to nothing but a ton vegetables and beans like spinach, kale, asparagus,brocoli, black beans, lentils, etc. up until training time, then after training, try to reach my daily macros with 2 meals high in protein and moderate carbs. On recovery days I would go back to my original meal plan of 4-5 meals of lean meats, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Then repeat. I didn’t know if this would help with fat loss by keeping calories low throughout the day, before my training, when my body doesn’t necessarily need them like it does post workout and recovery day. On training days I figured I would get all the energy I need through the carbs and proteins from vegetables and beans and the slow digesting complex carbs from the recovery days. I was thinking i should still have good energy levels throughtout the day and for my training session. Please any info on this is appreciated!!

At 22% bodyfat, I would just focus on having those 4-5 well balanced meals consistently. That should get you to a reasonable state. Once that is down, then I’d worry about timings and meal composition - you just don’t need the hassle until you’re well below 15%.

Your Body doesn’t only need nutrients after training to make progress. The obsession with the mythical “post workout window” has been pretty much left in the dust as people focus more on actually going into their training fueled and loaded up with what they need.



AMEN! I use to think that if I didn’t eat/have protein within 5 minutes of a workout that my workout was a waste and my non existent muscle would wither away lol. Now I eat like 2-3 hours after lifting and eat 2-3 meals total per day, haven’t stopped the gains from coming at all!

I think it’s all about eating balanced and finding out what works for a person individually.

Thank you all !!!