Is This a Good Deal on a Schwinn Airdyne?

Been looking for one and came across this.

If that joint is in good condition then its a good deal.
Id say consider saving up and pay the dough for a used AD5 though as they seem to be pretty sturdy.

We we’re supposed to meet yesterday but didn’t get a chance to. Haven’t heard from him today.

I also found this on offer up:

Not sure what model that is but seems newer. A farther drive for me but could be worth it.

I have that model. It works. More plastic than I would like, but gets the job done.

That’s all I’m looking for is something to work on my cardio. I’m honestly leaning towards the first one just because the guy lives in my area and is about 5 mins away. The other one could be anywhere from 30-45 mins. From what I understand the airdyne design hasn’t changed much over the years and the older models would do just fine.

I have the same bike and also got it for 50 bucks. I’m not a cardio type guy so it hardly gets used but I still wouldn’t sell it for less than 100. From what I’ve seen, scanning craigslist for years, anything less than 100 dollars is a good value for an Airdyne.

Are you guys talking about the first picture I posted or the second one. And I agree I’m not the biggest cardio guy either but I would like to use the airdyne for warm-ups and off day cardio.

That’s the AD2. Either would be worth the asking price, but I would rather have the newer model personally. I got a once used AD6 for $200 off CL and have used it weekly for almost a year. I’ve seen my particular model for cheaper in my area from time to time, but didn’t have the extra cash at the time. Only reason I sought out the AD6 as opposed to the other models is because I’m a bigger guy and it’s rated at a higher weight capacity, but I have no doubt either model you pick will do the job.

My bike is like the one from the first post.