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Is This A Good Cycle??


Question Is This A Good Cycle and when should I take clomid?

Weeks 1-2: 1cc deca and 1cc test per week with?1 dbol tab per day.

Weeks 3-5: 2cc deca and 2cc test per week with?2 dbol tab per day- week
4 start nolv 1 a day

Weeks 6-8: 1cc deca and 1cc test per week with 1 dbol tab and nolv 1 a day

Weeks 9-10: 1 nolv per day

Week 11: start hcg treatment


this is not "good"....i'll elaborate later.


Your not telling us enough. Tell us something in milligrams per cc. I am hoping that those 1 per week shots are 500 mgs.
How long you been training?


OMG, please tell me you're joking...if not, you need to read a lot more bro.



This is a great cycle, run it for a minimum of 20 weeks and don't worry about using any nolva or clomid... All joking aside, buy a clue, they are cheaper than juice.


I thought the purpose to these boards was to be able to ask quesions and get feedback on cycles and steriods. It's to bad that dick heads like you get into these forums and offer nothing but insults to people. What would you have to offer anyone anyway. You are
5-6 and weight a whopping 187# or so your profile states. Why don't you take your small man complex somewhere else.


That's the way it works down here. If you get on here and tell everyone that you are taking 1ml of test, or deca - the first question is going to be, "What is the concentration?"

If you also state in the same post that you will use 1cc in week one, and 2cc in week two - it is widely interpreted as you have not done any research, and therefore are subject to a shit storm of flames.

Do some research. Do some thinking. Then ask some questions. If you fuck up the order, you will get flamed - as evidenced by this thread.


Use "google" and do a lot more research. You may see some results with a cycle like that but nothing that you couldn't get natually.

The PCT is a waste of time with a cycle like this.

Some recommend that you not use any test for your first few cycles... me - I love it!

Send me a PM if you want more info.


I don't know goodone, the fact that I have 9 1/2 years of experience. Have competed and placed in both bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. You have 6 posts under your belt and come on here toting some ridiculous stack consisting of one steroid(at a very low does) and 3 pct's. There is a thread on the steroid forum called steroid newbie thread, there is a search engine. These should be everyones first means of answering very basic questions. If you're not willing to research yourself at first and sound like you half know what you're talking about you should expect flamings.


You have no idea what you are talking about. I posted a cycle that was part of HRT. After posting it, I realized that this was the wrong forum. However it's little piss-ends like you that have to take jabs at everyone that posts because you have nothing better to do with your time. By the way because you have been a member of a gym for 9 1/2 years and posted on a Steriod message board, STILL does not make you an expert at anything.

You continue to pretend you are the next great IFBB champ bro. I could care less about how many contest you SAY you have been in. You will always just be another short dude with small mans complex that thinks he knows it all.


Sounds like you're very hung up on height. Never claimed to be a pro'BBer. Secondly, hrt is usually done using test not anavar. Any way not much more to say to a clueless retard like you. You have already proven you know notihng, other than the fact that I am 5'6". Well done!!


Is that how it's "usually" done?

I suppose you know everything there is to know about the chemistry that's involved in HRT. Because that's what your learned on the T-Nation message board.

Have you ever had your blood work done?


Goodone -

Why are you even posting here? You have not given any advice at all. All you have done is bitch at snipeout for being less than 6'0".

If you have nothing better to do than pick fights - get the fuck out of the steroid threads.

You are a little prick.


If you are running test - PCT is essential.

Personally, I think test should be a part of every cycle. It will always be part of my cycles.


Lot's of Drama in this forum. "Must be the roids talkin". lol


Hey Rainjack,

Have you ever run winny with Test?


save the drama fo' yo' momma......that is all.


true 'dat!



when planning a cycle, use mg's, not cc's. since none of us know the doseage of the gear you're using, we cannot critque it for you.

this cycle: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=779966 is very similar to what you're running...check it out.

also read the steroid newbie thread...


No. And there's a little verse right under that: I will never take winny.

My knees, shoulders, and elbows are in bad enough shape as it is - I don't need winny making them hurt worse.