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Is This a Good Cycle?


Hey there folks,

Just a quick hello as this is my first post.


208 lbs
Bench: 300lbs
Squat: 280lbs
Gym Training for 2 years (5xweek)
sports: squash / tennis / basketball 2-3xweek

1st cycle:
Test p + NPP (test p = testolic... NPP organon indian made)
100mg both EOD for 9 weeks
dropped NPP on week 9 and did Test P only for an extra week.
pct -
nolva 40/20/20/10/10
Clomid -/100/50/50/25
Natural test boosters

Didnt see much from this apart from a little extra size all around, strength increased while on the gear, i feel like the PCT i had kinda ruined my gains as ive heard nolva can do that to you.

My second cycle, which is what i am on now for the past 16 days now is as follows:

Test p 100mg ED first 10 days
Test c 200mg + 2ml of Drive EOD boldenone (25mg/ml Boldenone Undecyclenate +30mg/ml Methandriol Dipropionate)

Just 2 compounds for the first 8 weeks.
im taking 2ml as advised by an ex user of DRIVE so that im getting 50mg of boldenone and 60mg of methandriol per shot EOD along with test c 200mg EOD as well.

Now, i know its only been 16 days now, but, im not really feeling the test p that took as a front load for the first 10 days, and im def not feeling the test c yet and the DRIVE since they are long esters...

My question here is, is this all ok for a second mild cycle?

ive got 75mg/ml tren in a 10ml bottle that i want to use during my last 4 weeks of the cycle... i also have stanazol (heaps of it) along with proviron as well.

What do you suggest i do with all of the above?

i was planning on using the proviron with the Tren and Stana during the last 4-5 weeks of the cycle... my cycle length will be 12 weeks in total (not including pct obviously)

Shall i drop my test c and change back to test p for the remainder of the cycle? or am i good as is with 2oomg eod oftest c?

Your help would be much appreciated!

cheers fellas


i doubt your PCT ruined your gains. while i think combining clomid and nolva is unnecessary and might cause side effects, i don't think that's what happened.

  1. it's always a good idea to control estrogen on cycle.
  2. if you're using tren/nandrolone, it's a good idea to manage prolactin on cycle as well..
  3. if strongly suspect your training and diet is not anywhere near it needs to be..... pretty much any time someone benches more than they squat, that's a red flag.........


That test and npp cycle should've blown you up like fuck.

Your diet and training suck


not sure why anyone would want to use methandriol either.. it's positive effects are essentially pure broscience, and it is a rather estrogenic compound.

regardless, you can't even squat 1.5x your own bodyweight.. and since you didn't mention a deadlift number, im going to assume it's equally as bad.

you aren't ready for steroids


Damn, i got flamed like F here!

No issues though, seems that this is the regular standard procedure when asking questions here...

I have not mentioned my training, neither have i mentioned by diet, so your speculations and assumptions here are pretty much irrevalant.

secondly, the only reason my squats are low is because i have a minor case of scoliosis that i have been treating for the past 18 years, physio and what not... deadlifts are at 250lbs 6 times... i can not and will not do any rep maxes as this compromises issues with my back.

So how about a little slack here and just chill.. there is no need to keep flaming people on here who only seek advice...

Yes, i did blow up on NPP and TEST P since it was my first cycle, i never said i didnt grow, i just said that i found it hard keeping my gains.

All that being said, all i wanted to know is if my cycle is well thought out or not...

im getting caber to use .5mg twice a week to combat any gyno issues... followed by Nolva and HCG 1 week before PCT and into PCT.

If you think im doing anything wrong, state the reasons, state your corrections, state your ideas and thoughts...

Thanks cycobushmaster for your info, ill keep that in mind

Thanks Mr. Walkway for the info on methandriol as you aare correct with the estrogen that goes with it... however i have read some studies that coupled with boldenone and test, it can really improve strength and regulate red blood cell count in the body.


if you didn't keep your gains, it's because your diet and training suck




Yea i kinda figured that that was the reason... i havent exactly changed my workouts at all, as in, ive kept the same workotus at the gym for the past 4 months (2 of those months were on the gear)

After seeing that my gains have diminished a bit after the cycle, ive changed it up...

Diet is now in check with this new cycle, so is my workout regime.


7am - protein shake 2 scoops = 49grams protein
20mins later - 5 full large eggs with cut up veggies, 2 slices of paratha bread (some indian type of bread)

10am - 1 scoop protein shake = 24grams protien with my regular vitamins / fish oils / amino acids etc

12:30pm - lunch - bowl of rice, 2 large chicken breasts grilled or baked. 1 large cup of green veggies sauted in 3 tbsp of EVOO

4pm - 1 cup sweet potatoe mashed, small green salad with 3 tbsp of EVOO

6:30pm - 2 scoops protein shake, 5grams creatine, 25grams MAZE (all this 40 mins before my workout)

8pm - 2 scoop protein shake, 5 grams creatine

9pm - dinner - 300gram steak, or 2 chicken breasts or fish with the usual complex carbs of veggies or sweet potato.

water through out the day.

The last thing i want to do on this cycle is to cut... ill keep that for the last 4-5 weeks of the cycle by using stanazol and or tren. followed by 2-3 weeks of test only coupled with proviron. proviron will also be used slightly with PCT unless thats a bad idea since it will be working to compete with nolva / clomid.

I appreciate your advice folks... but please do let me know if am on the right track with my cycle listed in my first post..

test p, test c, drive eq, stana, tren, proviron etc



Hey guys,

Just a quick update... ive decided to drop the DRIVE EQ because of the nasty methandriol that people have warned me about... Im still on 200mg of test c eod (close to 600+ a week) and will be starting my stanazol at 75mg eod with anavar at 30mg ED for the remaining of my cycle - which is another 5 weeks from tomorrow.

I have one observation that has caught my eye and has been bugging... since ive started my cycle, my libido was up like crazy, extremely hard all the time and like a rabbit i wanted to penetrate anything... ever since i stopped using DRIVE EQ which was 3 weeks of total use, my libido has gone BIG TIME and have been feeling pretty "unattracted" to things, or rather, no sex drive... i havent changed my test dosage, all ive done is drop the DRIVE EQ... i started taking proviron and im on my 4 day of 25mg ED... looking to jack it up to 50mg a day if i dont see a difference after 10 days time...

Should i be using an AI? i know that might sound like an extremely dumb thing to ask, but could my libido and sex drive be effected from estrogen?

I would appreciate any assistance here folks... did a bit of research, and decided to get my blood work done compared to my precycle blood work and go from there, but its always good hearing from you guys too...

Would caber help?


people like you are why responsible steroid users like me can't have nice things.

Yes, use an AI.


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Why would you mention your squat and bench press without a note tgat you have scoliosis? It's like you "knew you would get flamed" as expected


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