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Is This a Good Bulking Routine?


Sunday- Squats 3x8-10
Bench Press 3x8-10
Deadlift 3x8-10
Bench Dips 3x8-10
Hyper Extension 3x10
Ab Workout

Mon - off

Tuesday - Squats 3x8-10
DB Military Press 3x8-10
Bent Over Rows 3x8-10
Pull Ups 3x8-10
Hyper Extensions 3x10
Ab Workout

Wed - Off

Thursday - Repeat Sunday

Fri & Sat Off

Sun Rep Tues

thanks for any opinions


if you can only do a three-day workout/week, why not do something proven like 5-3-1?

do you really need to squat and do hyper extensions every workout day?

no direct bicep work? no calf work?

I don't think you hammer your legs hard enough, i don't think you hammer your upper back hard enough and i don't think you hammer your chest hard enough.


if im not mistaken, isnt this related to starting strength or the squats and milk program or something, are you a beginner? why are you doing squats 3x a week, even though its relatively low volume on the squats, and are the squats working sets, near maximal efforts, what are the loading % on the excerises? squats and hyper extensions very other workout!? how long are you going to be following this?


to me you seem like a beginner, but i could be wrong, if you want to put on mass follow WS4SB, try it for 2 months, after that try something differnt if you dont like it


Looks like a bastardisation of starting strength to mee too...

At least the hyperextensions in every workout are useless.