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Is This a Good Bulking Plan?

Hi so im 24 have browsed a few forums and have started to lift weights more seriously recently lol week 5 so far. I weigh 186lbs im about 5’10" I lift M/W/F and run 2 miles T/Thrs. My desire is to add size and strength to my whole body especially my legs. If I had to estimate my body fat I would say its about 18%. I would like to stay about 185ish but have about 7%bf. I eat about 5 times a day with meals consisting of 50g of Protein meal and of at least 50 grams of carbs. I have 1 meal of walnuts and flax oil at night with a shake. Most of my protein comes from shakes.

My question is to obtain my goal should I follow this diet of bulking I have found on another forum thats been helpful ?..
Protein- 1.25- 1.5gram X 1 Lb. body weight = 200-240g/day
Fat- .6-.75gram X body weight = 96- 120g/day
Carb- 1.5-1.75gram X body weight = 240-280g/day

This is my current workout expect I take of Sundays witch usual is my cheat meal day.

I plan on finding a new regiment in the next few weeks so keep shocking my body. Is a weight gainer for me ? Currently I have ON’s 100% protein and their weight gainer. I’m just mainly confused because I see alot of skinny bastards trying to gain weight or size and im not a skinny bastard so im just really frustrated. Any info would be helpful… Next work out to do, comments w/e thank you to those who respond. Questions welcome.

Gonna be a little blunt here. Why the fuck are you on a bulking diet when you want to stay the same weight and lose fat? You should be just trying to lose the fat. Not bulk which usually adds…more…fat.

Please, read these two articles by Thib:



Post questions after you read these.