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Is This A Good Arm Routine?


Hey, i was just wondering how good the experts think the arm routine shown at this link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UheCchftswc

Looks good to me. I need to get the barbell(EZ Bar?) he has in it to do it but it looks good. I've tried the reverse curls with my dumbells and the other exercises i can with what i have. My gym has one of those barbells so i may try the routine tomorrow.

Tell me what you think of it. Thx


I only watched 45 seconds and it sounded like he was taking a horse dick. I turned it off.


Okay I looked at the video all the way, and read some of your other posts.

From what it seems you're pretty new at lifting and shouldn't be worrying about direct arm work.As a beginner you should focus on heavy compound lifts and lots of them. Through compound lifts you'll still see huge increases in your strength and size all over, including your arms. That isn't to say that direct arm work doesn't have a place, its just to say that at the stage you're at you shouldn't worry about it.

As for the program, personally I think it sucked. It was too high of volume to do consistently with any intensity unless you have many years training under your belt. Even with a few years training keeping up with that routine seems like it would be stressful at best.

Personally even if I could keep up with that much volume its not the way I'd like to train. Sure it will get your arms bigger but slow movements and forced negatives in candy ass exercises really aren't my thing.

Check for programs developed by some of the authors here, I'm sure that no matter what your goals are you'll find something that fits your needs.


As mentioned, arm work probably shouldn't be the focus of your program. It has been suggested on here that a good idea for a beginner is to follow an 80/20 rule where 80% of your exercises are big compound exercises such as squat, bench, deadlift, pullup, etc. and the other 20% are isolation exercises. So the best "arm routine" you could probably do right now would be to focus on getting stronger on the big exercises, and then adding 1 or maybe 2 exercises on at the end for arms. There's no reason you can't do arms, but they shouldn't be the focus of your training plan.


There was actually a chest routine he had that I tried (youtube killer chest workout), and felt growth after the second time I did it. He did high reps, to failure, is that a good method to try? Could it be an exercise done ever so often, to literally kick te muscle into growth.

I think what scooby (the guy who made the video) is doing is catering for people, by making videos targeting muscle groups (e..g arms, chest, back), but it would be better to concentrate on compounds, as thats where the most growth potential is. Scooby s just giving people a simple routine, for if, as an example, a guy wants bigger arms. He'd do the routine and feel better about himself, and not concentrate on huge guy exercises.

Also, does he work his legs? They seemed awfully small when he was sat down. Maybe it was just the angle.

He is though, good for coming up with ideas for new exercises (I'm actually subscribed to him on my youtube account).


After watching the vid I am now dieing here from laughter.


OK, That was intense! :slight_smile:

Watching the video = good ab workout.
Routine in the video = not so useful.

Was part of the arm workout rectally inserting a cactus? I don't know how else that much grunting would be produced.