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Is This a Good 5-Day Split?


shoulders=military press, upright row, rear delt row, front raise, lateral raise, rotator cuff
arms/abs=dumbbell curl, triceps extension, wrist curl, dragon flag, hanging leg raise
legs=squat, pistol, leg extension, calf
back=deadlift, pullup, bent over barbell row, shrug
chest=bench press, dip, incline bench press, dumbbell fly

Is this a good split? How can I improve it



first post? interesting.. assuming ur for real. wats a dragon flag, a rotator cuff and a pistol?

yeah not bad, wat rep ranges and volume? no need for wrist curls... shoulders prob is to much volume

lift between 5-8 reps, 3-4 sets each exercise, 3-4 ex per body part... blah blah blah

ah fuck it.. do wat ppl told me read thibs 'how to make a damn good program' and eat

the end


that list looks good man. but your leg days doesn't have much for your hamstrings. replace the leg extension with some good mornings or Stiff Leg deadlifts.

what is your rep/set range like? if you don't have one try 5x5 (5 sets at 5 reps each) for starters.

eat plenty = grow plenty.


cool bro thanks, i do rotator cuff exercises to prevent injury and a pistol is just an ass to grass one leg squat look for it in youtube as well as the dragon flag which is an ab exercise. how do you think i could improve my shoulder day. I normally do 3 sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise. Also, I don't know if i should do my deadlift on leg or back day. I can handle doing both squats and deadlift the same day


why would you assume this guys a troll

I would cut these. rear delt row, front raise, lateral raise. I would add face pulls.

If your super new, I wouldn't do a 5 day split like this.


I've been training for around 7-8 months but I consider myself a beginner, I was thinking about it and im going to substitute the rear delt row for the face pulls. And im going to do 1 or 2 sets at the most for the isolation exercises, thanks bro


1 or 2 sets for the isolation exercises? so your arm day will be like 8 sets total? dope.

7-8 months? and you still consider yourself a beginner. A rare humble man.

No, your 5 day split is really not good at all.

In fact it's bad. Shoulder day? do you realize that after training for the marathon period of 8 months you cannot lift enough with one body part for it to warrant its own day.

Your shoulders will be recovered from training about 2-3 days after you train them. then they get to sit around shrinking while you go off and pump up your abz and those pythons.

5 day splits are for advanced athletes whos lift numbers re high enough to actually warrant 5 days of rest. They lift 13x more total pounds per session with one body part than you, that's why they need more days resting that part.

I'd say drop the 5-day-path-to-lifting-the-same-weight-all-year and go pick up a solid push pull or upper-lower split.

Then again im kind of being a douche noz here so maybe dont listen. who knows.



thanks bro thats why I posted cause i wasn't sure if i was ready for it. ohh and sorry for the misunderstanding man i meant 1-2 sets for the isolation exercises on my shoulder days it's 3-4 for the rest of the exercises. so you would recommend a push pull split hitting each bodypart 2x a week. I see your point so imma create an upper-lower split. ok so my new routine would look like this
upper= bench press, chinups, dips, bent over barbell rows, military press and upright rows

lower= squat, deadlift, leg press w/ ft high up to target posterior chain, leg extensions, calves, hanging leg raises

wtfs up with the vid i lold for like 2 minutes at its randomness


Single leg exercises (lunges, split squats, step ups) would be better accesory work than leg machines.


assumed just cos it was his first post and it was so brief and vague. But ok u got a pic so its cool. If it gives u any ideas my routine is atm

Front squat 3x5
DL 3x6-8
Leg Press 3x12-15
Ham Curls/Leg Ext 3x12-15
Seated/Standing Calf Raises 4x5/4x25

Rep ranges:
1st ex 3x5
2nd ex 3-4x6-8
3rd ex 3-4x10-12

Incline DB
DB Rows
Machine Chest Press
Seated Rows

Standing Military
Arnold Press
Side Laterals
Rear Delt Raises
Ab work

BB Curls
Close-grip bench
Hammer Curls
Cable Curls

working pretty good so far :slightly_smiling:


cool man, i also prefer front squats over the back squats since i feel more comfortable with them


There's nothing wrong with 5 day splits, Chris.


When I went off of a body-part split, it only lead to imbalances and smaller shoulders/arms.


There is plenty wrong with a 5 day split for a kid that's been training less than a year.


Agreed. Something like a basic 5x5 program or ws4sb would be more appropriate


ive never done the 5 day split and had doubts about doing it which is why I asked you guys about it. from the beginning ive been doing a 2 day split and im going to continue using it but with some tweaks, now its a lower/upper body split with better exercises than i was doing before


It might not be perfect, and although I personally would recommend beginners stick to a 3 or 4 way split, there isn't "plenty wrong" with a 5-way.

The bottom line is getting his strength up on the basic lifts, and in no way is a 5-day split going to HINDER that if its laid out correctly.

Confining yourself to a fullbody or 2-way split (when your goals are bodybuilding) may provide better strength gains on some of the lifts in the routine just because they're performed more frequently, but you're sacrificing other lifts as well as potentially neglecting bodyparts from the sheer lack of variety.

There's simply no good reason why beginners can't split up their bodyparts.


im with you here man, that was my main reason for wanting a 5 day split, but i decided that im going to get my strength up first and then ill start refining my body


LOL.... my point was that there is no reason you can't "get your strength up" by splitting your bodyparts.

5-day splits aren't meant to "refine the body" (whatever that means?). Most intermediate to advanced bodybuilders use 5-day splits to build all their strength and muscle.

I'm not saying you SHOULD be doing a 5-day split, but there's simply no reasoning behind the idea that a 2-way split is somehow going to build strength or muscle better than a 3 or 4 way split would at this point.


damn i misread that wtf. by refining the body i mean that on a 5 day split you can do more exercises so you can work on more body parts directly while that would be harder to do on a 2 way split