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Is This a Good 10 Week Cycle?


I'm planning on running this for 10 weeks, let me know if I should change anything.

1-10 Test E 500mg
1-10 Eq 600mg
1-10 winny 100mg

Also, I have been getting sore nips just off of 500mg of test, so should I run Nolva through out or just A-dex or both???? All comments welcome


Well it could be. I would'nt run the winny for longer than 6 weeks though. Also you need to run EQ for at least 12 weeks,preferably 16. Eq takes about 6-8 weeks to kick in. It's hard to give you advice when you don't post your stats,goals,previous cycles. I would run Arimidex throughout your cycle to control estrogen,save the Nolva for PCT. You do have a good PCT lined up,I hope!


Its really tough to say without knowing you stats/goals and previous cycle experience.
If thats 100 mg of of winni per week thats a pretty much useless amount and running it for 10 weeks is not a good idea. That amount of eq in a beginner to intermediate cycle is too much. Do some more reading on serms and ai's and you should be able to educate youself enough on what to run regarind adex or nolva.