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Is this a Gay or Bro Thing?

So im walking to the club and this guy yells out from a truck with a group of girls in it “congratulations you have a bigger dick than me”. Now im not huge by any means, i dont have a monster, its just when i wear certain pants i look humongous in them and i guess the outline of my cock shows through. does this ever happen to anyone else?

did you fuck him? i hate cliffhangers.

happened to me tonight, that is very coincidental

no he was sitting in the back of a truck with girls, couldnt rlly see him to see if i wanted to

sry bro hope u get laid soon

im guessing he just had a small cock lol

It’s time to buy bigger trousers. That’s why I hate wearing jeans.

It’s not gay that it happened, but it’s gay that you brought it up here.

Ah I see now…it’s a parody thread.

Well, my previous post still stands.


lol @ nards



Nards has been in rare form lately.

I guess before the internet you had to shout from the roof top that you had a big dick.

dick fountain.

Unless this ended with him in the back of the club sucking on something, you shoul have kept this a secret.

good thread

For some reason, and it’s starting to piss me off. I always read the parody thread by accident then can’t find the thread that was parodied in the first place.


Oh wait, found the real thread now. Damn 2 fails in like 30 seconds.

It has happened before tho!