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Is This a Crime?


Everybody should have someone to care for love, bang or whatever. But this just has the look of a crime about to happen. Is this legal. Should this be allowed???


Only her vagina should make that call.


I am just amazed he hasn't split her ass in two yet. She will no doubt be wrecked for anyone who may come behind him.

Then again, maybe she likes being picked up swirled until climax like a basketball.


Sex at the O'neal house.


Hoopz fine ass is with Shaq?? Ain't that a bitch.

She might have a lifetime prescription for muscle relaxers. Or Shaq is light in the trousers.


I don't know, might just the way the wind is blowing, but if that outline in his pants means anything I think someone better get the astroglide and the chloroform.


lol - Shaq likes his tiny bitches. Did you see the Swedish model he use to bang? She was 5'4.


That pic X put up is about how I see it. Because even if he is light small dick mofo. All he can do is pick her up an let her spin. I mean DAMN if he lost control an smacked that ass he would break her. I'm really shocked at this size difference. If you ever hear shaq saying he got buck wild and he is not up on murder charges you know he was lieing.

Damn he can never lose control. That's some sad shyt right there. First time I ever felt bad for Superman.


The man 7 foot tall. 99% of the women out there would look very small next to him.


Just because he's 7 feet tall doesn't mean he has a 16 inch black python hanging down there.


Is that his wife? If it is she's given him like 5 kids. And, you know that motherfucker makes babies that are the about the size of an average man.


Nah, he and his wife got divorced. That's his new slam piece.


She's going to die like an NBA backboard.


He could palm her whole ass, she needs a stool to go down on him.


I heard that before she was with Shaq she was bangin Bill Brasky, so who knows, she might just be taking a cool down lap.






No, it's because he's 7 feet tall and black.



Wilt Chamberlain was a big fan of the same.


Shaq's shattered two BACKBOARDS, that girl is fucked.